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Policy Critique

Policies are put in place by the government or the ruling body in a given geographical area to enforce law and order in that area. Those who violate the set rules are considered as offenders and are normally subjected to punishment as stipulated in the policies. The offenders are normally entitled to free and fair…




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The Fiscal Policy

I decided to cover was the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and 2018 that was administered by the Trump administration. This policy was one of the biggest tax legislations seen in the US in over two decades. The Act sees a reduction in income taxes for most people and many corporations, while also…




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Which Policy Style is Best

The United States economic system is far from perfect. Over the years there has been much development in ways to predict the future twists and turns of the economy. These predictions are not always correct by never the less we need to make adjustments to influence our macroeconomic outcomes. We typically have three systems that…




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What Is more Important, People or Policy?

It is said that history keeps us from repeating mistakes. In order to learn and improve we must fail. Implemented to limit an ever growing population, China’s one-child policy has evolved into much more than that, it has become a learning experience. Through the intolerance and injustice brought about by a policy made to evoke…



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Governance and Management Scholarship

The ‘noble lie’ has tangible impacts on policy design, which seem informed by an underlying belief that the actors need to be controlled (Dupre & Durak, 2008; Harris, 2004) and constrained via policy levers (Schneider and Ingram, 1990) or accountability measures (Achinstein & Ogawa, 2006) or prescriptive policy (Achinstein & Ogawa, 2006). This most often…




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Course in the Public Sector

Summary This course has been challenging, however very enlightening it has shown that there is more to making a policy and tons of factors that make it succeed. A policy is made with careful thought and consideration for whom it will serve. A policy is put into place in order to ensure everyone can benefit…



Public Policy

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Social Public Policy as a Form of Public Investment

It can be argued that one of the most insidious single changes that have affected status relationships within the lower classes does not relate to the social action programs, but to the implementation of means tested programs (Murray 2015, 184). The importance of the sociological influence of being a public benefit recipient cannot be denied,…




Public Policy

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Technological Alternate Public Policy

Technological alternate is a complicated and non-linear system with many interactions between the different degrees (R&D, demonstration, diffusion) and the actors, networks and institutions concerned. Our research goals at improving our knowledge of those innovation methods and how they vary among technology and geographical contexts. Different styles of gaining knowledge of, the position of understanding…



Public Policy,


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Critical Book Analysis Public Administration

I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in public administration. This book provides a greater understanding and a deeper insight into how values and value conflict plays a vital role in public administration at the state and local level. It provides great examples through studies and graphical representations of the different issues…


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Pros and Cons of Policy of Multiculturalism in Canada

During the 1970s and 1980s, a policy of multiculturalism was officially adopted by the Government of Canada under Pierre Trudeau. After that, more and more ethnic enclaves appeared in Canada. The concept of multiculturalism has been familiar and accepted more or less. In fact, it is a multicultural policy formulated by different countries according to…




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