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The American Battle Against the Culture of Media Violence

Conversations today stem around what are our kids exposed to when it comes to violent crimes? When a violent event happens everyone wants to know who, what, when, where and why? Many times we are quick to fix the blame instead of fixing the problem. Media plays a roll into how much violence and what…

Media Violence

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An Analysis of the Issues Surrounding Media Violence

What do you pick when someone asks, “What is your favorite movie?” One person might pick a romantic comedy while another might pick an action movie. The mechanism that draws everyone in to fiction is conflict. Conflict is what drives a story and makes it interesting. The characters are presented with a problem, and they…

Media Violence

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Negative Effect of Media Violence

One aspect of American culture I feel is in need of change is desensitization to violence. There are many negative effects on society as a result of violence in the news, video games, and other types of media. There are many controversies surrounding media violence, as mass shootings become more common it seems as though…


Media Violence,


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Exposure to Too Much Media Violence

When massacres became yesterday news 6,700. That’s the number of people that died in the world’s latest humanitarian crises as of 2018. The Rohingya Crisis has caused many controversies, political debates and UN involvement questioning. More than thousands of news networks covered the issue in media channels across the world. However, after a few months,…

Media Violence,

Social Psychology,


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Media Violence Is Everywhere You Look

On every channel, on every commercial, and every video game. Media violence has had a lot of influence over the years and especially in young children, teens, and adults.Young children and teens can be exposed to media violence through television, film, video games, and the Internet, meaning that children and adults alike are being influenced…


Media Violence,


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