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TNR Public Policy and Law

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Public Policy

Feral cat management is more than a social, scientific, or legal issue, it is also an emotional one. Cats are widely considered one of the most popular pets worldwide. In the United States alone, the owned pet cat population ranges between 74 and 94.2 million cats (Spehar & Wolf, 2017). The U.S. population of unowned,…

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Nozick’s Idea of ​​Limiting People’s Freedom to Dispose of Their Income

Pages 4 (773 words)




Robert Nozick essentially is arguing that there cannot be an ideal theory of distributive justice that is based on specific patterns of wealth distribution, and, at the same time, give people liberty over their private property. In order to have distributive justice, according to Nozick, there must be major limitations on people’s liberty to dispose…

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A Lesson Before Dying: Ernest T. Gaines

Pages 6 (1 469 words)


Of Mice and Men

Things Fall Apart

Dying was a thought-provoking story, although, the plot line is hardly an unexplored topic. Many readers have come across the same themes and conflicts in works such as Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird or even John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. These messages all have the same underlying moral compass. In all of these…

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Course in the Public Sector

Pages 11 (2 654 words)



Public Policy

Summary This course has been challenging, however very enlightening it has shown that there is more to making a policy and tons of factors that make it succeed. A policy is made with careful thought and consideration for whom it will serve. A policy is put into place in order to ensure everyone can benefit…

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Technological Alternate Public Policy

Pages 4 (781 words)



Public Policy


Technological alternate is a complicated and non-linear system with many interactions between the different degrees (R&D, demonstration, diffusion) and the actors, networks and institutions concerned. Our research goals at improving our knowledge of those innovation methods and how they vary among technology and geographical contexts. Different styles of gaining knowledge of, the position of understanding…

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Application of Concepts of Behavioral Economics to Public Policy

Pages 12 (2 768 words)




Public Policy

Introduction The core tenant of rational choice that I want to test is; ‘have people well defined and stable preferences’. It is assumed that an individual’s preferences are transitive and well defined however through close examination this is not always the case. I aim on showing this by conducting a field experiment using a nudge…

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Social Public Policy as a Form of Public Investment

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Public Policy

It can be argued that one of the most insidious single changes that have affected status relationships within the lower classes does not relate to the social action programs, but to the implementation of means tested programs (Murray 2015, 184). The importance of the sociological influence of being a public benefit recipient cannot be denied,…

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Critical Book Analysis Public Administration

Pages 8 (1 760 words)


Public Policy


I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in public administration. This book provides a greater understanding and a deeper insight into how values and value conflict plays a vital role in public administration at the state and local level. It provides great examples through studies and graphical representations of the different issues…

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Armed Violence in America as a Matter of Public Policy Meets the Requirements

Pages 7 (1 638 words)

Human rights

Public Policy


In an age when it seems the divide among Americans is stronger than it ever has been, few topics enlist such strong responses as that of guns. Many stick to theirs, vehemently supporting the second amendment as though it were divinely inspired; while others yearn for some kind of Scandinavian pipe dream where guns don’t…

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Race Moderated Negative Social Reactions to Disclosure of Sexual Assault

Pages 10 (2 428 words)



Sexual Assault

 Introduction This paper will review the differences in sexual assault experiences between black women and white women in America. There are many factors that could influence the aftermath of sexual assault survivors such a culture, religion, socialization, and legal systems. From a clinical lens, looking closer at the disparities between the two races of women…

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Law is human nature, and it is mandatory to create laws in this world for the smooth running of the system. Due to the laws, the world is running at a good pace; otherwise, there could be a complete disaster. The governments and states implement laws, but every person has the laws they have implemented.

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