Ten Must-Have for Camping Cooking

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Cooking is one of the best part camping but you can enjoy this segment if you have a good meal plan with all the cooking essentials. So don’t forget to make a check list of camping cooking essentials with you. If you don’t want to indulge yourself in lengthy search then here we are giving you the list of basic camping cooking essentials. Checklist will make sure the 15 must-have cooking equipment essentials are packed for your trip.

  • Stove and Fuel

A stove is the first and most wanted thing in your camping cooking without this you can’t cook anything. Stove is needed for cooking food, making tea or coffee or even for hot water. There are special camping cooking stoves with one or two burners. It is also available in portable and lightweight style so it takes fewer place. Camping cooking stoves also need fuel. So you have to take fuel with you have for cooking. You can take fuel in specified container according to your stove type. These cylinders or containers are also portable and easy to carry.

  • Silicon or Foldable Mugs

Buy a set of cups or mugs that are foldable but reusable. A tea set or cups and kettle is one of essentials to have a great cup of tea or coffee in cold weather.

  • Lighters and Fire packs

Lighters are also very important for camping cooking to on the stove or for lighting a fire in cold weather. Fire packs also gives you the facility of quick fire. Try to take 2 to 3 match boxes or wind proof fire lighters with fire packs. Keep them out of the reach of children and try to wrap them in some waterproof paper.

  • Tableware

Buy good quality but light weight dinner ware Instead of disposable glass, plates and cups. In this way you will have a long run camping cooking crockery plus you would be able to follow the campsite rules of ‘leave no trace.’

  • Cookware

Buy stainless steel or iron cook ware as these are durable with heat retention. You can cook meat, make tea, boil water or heat soup in it. Buy normal sized cooking pots to avoid storage problems.

  • Water container

It is one of the essentials of camping cooking as you need water in drinking, cooking or washing so take a collapsible water container and you can fill it from a clean water tap at your campsite. Otherwise you can take water in it from home.

  • Cutlery Organizer

A cutlery organizer will help you to keep your cutlery neat and well protected. It will be at one place and within your reach. Keep all your folk, knives, tong, stick etc in that pouch.

  • Herb and spice container

You need not to fight with herb and spices any more. Take a flexible container in which you could keep the herbs and spices you need in your camping cooking.

  • Washbasin

You have to wash your dirty dishes even if you are on a holiday camping. A portable basin with two washing and drying separate sinks helps you to wash your dirty dishes with ease after meals. It folds into a small briefcase so take less space.

  • Portable BBQ Grill

A lightweight and portable BBQ grill is a good option for cooking camping as it is fold able and easy to carry. You can enjoy BBQ at a beautiful campsite.


Keep your camping cooking equipments to minimum and pack the essentials only. Camping cooking can be a great fun for you and your family or friends so don’t indulge yourself in bulky packing and collecting things. So cook light and have fun.

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