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Anxiety among Teens

Anxiety is when people feel nervous or worry about the outcome of something or an event that is going to happen. All people experience a little bit of anxiety. Teens suffer anxiety from many things like sports, testing, talking in front of crowds. Anxiety in teens has risen studies have shown that it has jumped…



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Is Video Games Cause of Violence among Youth

“AHHHHH, I hate you! Why don’t you get out! You suck! No mom I’ll do my homework later!” Many people around the world believe all gamers are like this: violent and lazy. People such as parents, teachers, and the media tend to generalize gamers as a whole aggressive group just because of the few mass…


Video Games,

Violence in Video Games

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Internet Addiction and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders

When choosing a topic for my selective component, I wanted to choose a topic that both interested me on my clinical rotations and was clinically relevant in today’s society. On my psychiatric rotation, the only interaction with the pediatric psychiatric unit was just observation while passing by but I couldn’t help but wonder, what was…


Social Media Addiction,

Technology Addiction

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Hispanic Immigrant Families in Conflict with Adolescent Latinos in America

Social Problem According to the United States Census Bureau (2014), in 2014 Latinos in the United States accounted for 17.4% of the U.S. population (approximately 55.4 million). Since 1980 there has been a 300% increase in the Latino/Hispanic population in the United States and approximately 40% being Latino immigrants. Latino children now make up 22%…




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Smartphone Addiction Ruin Adolescents

Sadly, the smartphone is made of interesting qualities and components that makes this device highly addictive, especially for adolescents. Studies are being shown to consider the present risks of young kids having addiction and the important psychological causes that arise in the use of a smartphone. Approximately, four hundred ninety middle school students took a…


Cell Phone Addiction,

Technology Addiction

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