Foreign Policy of Donald Trump’s Administration

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Foreign policy has always been a hot topic but in the days of the Trump administration it is more important than ever to keep track of what is happening. In today’s current political climate it seems that each day more news appears and sides change. Donald Trump’s current administration is pushing a more “America first” approach by revamping the United States Military, strengthening the borders and focusing on immigration reform. In his Inaugural Address President Trump suggested that the US will be friends with countries that believe that each individual country must put themselves first.

Under the Trump’s foreign policy only two out of the four P’s framework can be achieved, Power and Prosperity. The United States has always held a significant amount of power on the national stage, with Trump’s foreign policy he is taking that power and using it in a way that the world has not seen the US do before. In regards to the economic prosperity of the country, Trump has hit countries like Canada and China with high tariffs in hopes to lower domestic trade competition. The other two Ps’, Peace and Principals, cannot be achieved under this administration’s foreign policy plan.

Since the country was founded the United States has always played a vital role in foreign affairs. Each administration has their own set of ideals regarding foreign policy but with Trump’s policy Power is one of the main aspects he focuses on. It is a double edged sword with Donald Trump because the US is gaining foreign respect in the regards that President Trump has low patience and will slap a country with tariffs if they aren’t playing his game. Firstly, according Kenneth Repoz for Forbes Trump doubled the tariffs on all steel imported from Turkey in August of twenty eighteen after an imprisoned American citizen was “charged with colluding with Erdogan’s rivals from the Gulen movement, a movement affiliated with the aging Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen.”

As a result Turkey’s BlackRock iShare’s MSCI fell fifteen percent in one day and an additional eleven percent the following day. Secondly, Trump is continuing plans to hit China with a ten percent tariff on roughly two hundred million dollars’ worth of imports in the nest year, this is his way of pressuring China to stop government funding projects that research robotics and artificial intelligence. Lastly, President Trump met with Russian president Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki, to discuss many things but a key point was about Russia’s involvement in the twenty sixteen election.

Here, with the entire world watching, President Trump stated that there was “no collusion” with the US election and then goes on to suggest that he has confidence in both parties, the United States and Russia, that everything will be figured out. President Trump uses his power for photo ops with foreign countries with questionable intentions such as the Helsinki Summit and meeting with North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

President Trump has implemented many tariffs in foreign nations partially in order to encourage the American economy to prosper. The president is considering placing up to a twenty five percent tariff on all imported cars. As a result of this tariff, according to Kate Rooney from CSNBC, the average price of an imported car would increase upwards of five thousand dollars. This is a large jump for the normal working class citizen who wants to buy a car, consequently they would be more inclined to buying a car that was made in America. As a result, more American jobs will be created, boosting the economy. Though some might say that because the US president is focusing more on home grown affairs that by doing so he is ruining relations with other countries. If Trump continues to keep placing tariffs on US allies then they could potentially turn their backs on us.

Peace and Principals are two P’s that cannot be accomplished under Donald Trump’s foreign policy plan. First, President Trump banned several majority Muslim countries from entering the United States which as a result Iran stated that banning refugees and immigrants would cause for them to take reciprocal measures; this goes hand in hand with why peace will not come out of this administration’s policy. The United States is a nation of immigrants and founded on the ideals of inclusiveness, through the years this hasn’t necessarily been the case; and closing specific countries from immigrating into the US goes against what this country stood for before twenty sixteen.

Under Trump’s foreign policy focuses mainly on Power and Prosperity while lacks focus on Peace and Principals. Trump uses the United States name and his presidential power for photo ops with countries who have questionable motives towards the US such as Russia and North Korea; but will also use his power to tariff imports so people are influenced to by domestic products therefore growing the economy. The current administration’s foreign policy will not bring peace and rips apart fundamental American principles such as inclusiveness. The United States is getting a significant more amount of attention since Donald Trump was elected but this isn’t the type of attention that the country needs. US allies are walking on eggshells around him in fear of what he might do next.

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