First Responders is Our Heroes

Updated September 19, 2021

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First Responders is Our Heroes essay

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Ever since the inception of this world; there have been great personalities who brought revolution and changed the face of this world. Those heroes undoubtedly won the hearts of millions and their life is celebrated every year. But, there are some uncelebrated heroes in this world who are; compassionate, sacrificial and brave. Moreover, they are vibrant for their work, welcoming to new techniques and are down to earth. These hidden and neglected souls are no one but ‘first-responders’ who always present their lives on hands.

These angles are always ready to save lives by sacrificing their own. There are many examples in the past, where first-responders lost their lives by saving people’s lives. A poet once said, “God created humans, not for worship, but to have pain for other fellow beings.” So, this pain and feeling of empathy is the main element behind their love for humanity. Many of them are less paid but they have never complained about the harsh realities of their lives. On the other hand, many of the first responders work on a voluntary basis with a moto; ‘by love serve one another’. They wake up every day to quench their thirst to serve humanity and this cycle goes on till the spark of their last breath. In a nutshell, it can be said that being a firefighter, pediatrician or an EMT is not a job but, it is a choice by heart.

Compassion and Love is not a worldly trait but a spiritual touch of bliss from the heavens. It enlightens the heart of a person and opens his eyes to see the hardships and miseries in the world. People who are enlightened do not take much care of their own lives. They are selfless beings who are filled with the love of nature. This selflessness, love and compassion are actually the driving force behind the plethora of energy they carry in their hearts every day. Because they are always ready to go for a mission to save lives; no matter how less they have taken rest.

Moreover, these first responders are very down to earth and humble. If they are on an emergency for firefighting and they have been working till midnight. They will feel no hesitation sleeping on a roadside. Furthermore, first-responders have to respond quickly in the wake of urgency, so they always remain armed to show up in any case of assistance. This shows the level of commitment to their work and goals. Last but not least, they sacrifice their private lives, family and children and make themselves available for public service round the clock.

Similarly, they are always in a position to learn new techniques and welcome such opportunities. They know the value of evolution and evolution in every walk of life and that is the reason they always are happy to learn new strategies of firefighting or new medical aid techniques. For that purpose, they study new courses, attend workshops and do different exercises to ace in their department and to excel in their mission of public service. In the same manner, they work for the whole three sixty-five days. No matter, if it is Christmas or New Year, Labor’s day or Independence Day, Raining or Snowing; these iron men will always be seen geared up.

Also, along with all these aforementioned qualities of these beautiful people, they are gracious to donate from their own money. In 2018, dozens of firefighters donated a big amount from their own money to help a hurricane survivor build the roof of his house. Moreover, workers of the Green Bay Metro Fire Department collected money and donated to a girl battling with blood cancer. While others in New York delivered pizza of a delivery boy, who met a car accident, they first brought him to the hospital and then did his job of delivering pizzas. Apart from this, these workers have been seen donating blood and collecting money for another public service institute which is such a heartwarming and commendable act of Love for humanity.

In addition to it, self-responders very well know the consequences of their work but they knowingly give themselves to save the lives of people. Let us recall the incident of September 11, 2011, where 412 emergency workers lost their lives while saving the lives of others. Every year now these people lose their lives during their services, but this number has fallen a bit. Also, there are many other cases in the past where hundreds of such people had lost their lives saving thousands but they cared the lives of others than their own lives. So, these sacred and courageous souls must be given tribute for their selfless services.

Moreover, the life of first-responders is not easy and the way they pass their lives in firehouses or medical wards is not easy. But, the sad point of the hour is that this sorry state of affairs does not pay much heed to their services and their needs. While working their lives are at stake but in most of the countries except a few, first-responders do not get any type of health insurance. This is the height of brutality and negligence to them. Moreover, they are not given a reasonable salary which adds more fuel to fire. The government must take care of these groups of people because they are the asset of a country in times of risk management. If they are paid with a handsome amount, their integrity will not get hurt and they will be more likely to work with more passion and satisfaction. Moreover, the government must provide them with special safety suits and kits, because in most cases the cause of their death is majorly the absence of appropriate safety measures.

In addition to that, actors and singers are given more respect and they are always on the limelight. Furthermore, if a celebrity dies, his death would comprise of thousands of people but, these true heroes die in the abyss of darkness. No one covers their death on media, neither is they did not commemorate as heroes, nor they are the ideal personalities of masses. Because people do not feel the hardships and pains of them, this casts a great impact on society and in the future, there will be an extension of first-responders. Because these heroes are not encouraged and they are not a source of inspiration for anyone.

When all is said, it can be summed up that these first-responders are the true heroes of society who fight on a razor’s edge. They are the ones, who save lives, give money for charity purposes, serve people with selflessness and always are in the run to build a peaceful society. They know the lethality of their job but they do not care about it. But, the gloomiest part of their lives is that they are not appreciated at the mass level. Also, people do not know much about their services and they pass their lives on roads or at their workplaces. It is the need of time that government encourages them by increasing their incentives and protects their future by giving them health insurance. Above all, these heroic souls are the reason that we enjoy a peaceful life. Moreover, the state must promote them and make them a source of inspiration for people. Because if they are neglected in the future, that would be the last generation to serve, no one will jump into this courageous and sacrificial job of a darkened end.


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First Responders is Our Heroes essay

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