Elationship Between the Invisible Black Race

Updated May 5, 2022

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Elationship Between the Invisible Black Race essay

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The IM chooses black men who poses more power than other average black man. This was shown first through his respect and infatuation with Bledsoe. Before meeting him, the things he heard of Bledsoe’s position of power in the community as well as what he has done for the college gained his respect primarily. Upon meeting him he had a sense of respect towards this ‘higher than ever’ figure who stood before him. After being enraged and sent away, the IM assumed that Bledsoe had done a noble thing and sent him away as some sort of opportunity to make a honest earning for tuition for the next year. Shortly after becoming introduced to the brotherhood, while he did fall in line under both black and white men, the primary thing that drew him near was a world of equality that both blacks and whites believed in.

He grew to love and admire brother Clifton even though the brotherhood began to treat him like a puppet. This common sense of mistaken trust leads readers to infer that the IM blindly trusts most black people who are in charge of something or over him. His constant need and want to become visible and equal in society allows for a lack in his personal judgement and further character development. The biggest downfall in this mistaken trust is that while black, these prove to be no more trustworthy than any of his white benefactors. It is consistently revealed that the invisible man trust blacks who consider themselves above the black race or sometimes even working with the whites that don’t actually want to make changes within the progressive movement.

Commonly, the figures that the narrator tends to reject seem to be the most sensible. For example, Ras the Exhorter, while a black nationalist and a bit extreme with his civic approach, he preaches the importance of how they are living in a white man’s world. He also emphasizes that the whites don’t actually intend for a completely equal society. Instead, the IM chooses to believe the brainwash. Overall, characters in Invisible Man represent sources if moral authority and stability seem to be Mary and Brother Clifton. Mary was the lady who took him in and helped him while he had nothing. She allowed for IM to move in free of charge and build himself up. Brother Clifton, while at first was brainwashed and blindly following the brotherhood, later noticed how the whites within the organization were using him as a puppet and tried to get out. Sadly, after disappearing for a while, when Clifton resurfaced he was shot dead by a police officer.

Elationship Between the Invisible Black Race essay

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