Donald Trump is a Bad President

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In my opinion Donald Trump is a bad president, and a bad guy. What president deliberately tries to put the citizens in danger, constantly puts their citizens’ livelihood at risk, and also show racial discrimination? Donald Trump doesn’t really care about us citizens, all he is focused on is profits and wealth. According to www.americanprogress.org, there is a list of 100 negative outcomes to Donald Trump’s presidency. This list demonstrates how President Trump and his administration have broken their promises to Americans and revealed their true priorities. It also shows how Trump should gain more focus on ordinary Americans rather than corporations and wealth.

Some negative impacts were: He attacked the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule, he tried to cut his own taxes by millions of dollars while taking health insurance from tens of millions of Americans, he made it harder for veterans to find jobs with a federal hiring freeze, he made immigrant a deportation priority, he made immigrant survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault afraid to turn to law enforcement for help, he arrested multiple recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, he signed a law that weakens the firearms background check system and undermines enforcement of the current law that prohibits certain individuals with a serious mental illness from gun possession, he made it easier for fugitives to buy guns, he attempted to repeal the ACA, he proposed cutting funds for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, he proposed deep cuts to programs that help make college more accessible and affordable for low-income students and students of color, he failed to help students when a critical resource for financial aid and loan repayment was shut down, he rescinded the Obama administration’s regulations that supported improving teacher preparation programs, he appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch who was a judge with a long record of ruling against the rights of workers, women, and students with disabilities to the Supreme Court, he pressured the Senate to enact the “nuclear option” to get his Supreme Court nominee confirmed, he attempted to bring back the war on drugs, he supported economic policies that are detrimental to communities of color, he supported education policies that do not support students of color, he turned a blind eye to illegal anti-transgender discrimination in schools, and he made Americans less safe from the Islamic State, or IS.

In conclusion, within the small amount of time that Donald Trump has been president he has made several life-threatening decisions. I only included a few of the negative decisions that were listed. Donald Trump is by far the worst president of all time. He can’t possibly be a good person because he is selfish, and incompetent. So, to the answer yes, I do think Donald Trump is a bad guy and a bad president because he doesn’t about nothing or no one who doesn’t benefit him.

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