Digital Media and Instagram as New Culture in Media Industry

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Media should be in parallel with current developments from the point of view of current issue, economics and technology. Too many people are born with bombastic ideas that produce technology that is beyond the reach of ordinary minds. This article discusses digital technology and Instagram usage which is a new culture in the media for dissemination of information to the public. The various reasons and factors that make Instagram the latest trend for media to share information. Among these we can see is the use of gadgets and the speed of technology that has made people more focused on internet use. Apart from the business sector, on average they are now using Instagram to strengthen their economy, let’s not forget that the media is also one of the business sectors and want to expand their empire.


Old and new are common words that human being uses to describe something. Old clothes new clothes, new cars old cars, old bags new bags, these terms also common on the media. Media can be categorized as print and electronic also has old and new sides. From the time of our ancestors to the present day we still retain the use of traditional media such as newspapers and television, but what has changed is the existence and the new side of the media in the effort to pass on information to the viewer and obtain information from it.

The trend occurs when one thing is cultured by someone for example Malay culture if they eat they must use bare hand but different from western culture where they eat using cutlery such as spoon, fork and knife in every dish, when they eat with their hands become clumsy. Culture can be defined as the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society (Oxford Dictionary). Culture also can happen when somebody is obsessed with something.

Ravi (2012) stated, “Culture, etymologically enunciated means a set of habits which is cultivated consistently, i.e., cultivated habits over a period of time, culture of one time need not be the culture of another time in history, as a whole, the day-to-day life style led by communities in societies of different geographies aggregate to different cultures, some of today’s life styles connected concepts of culture are work culture, corporate culture, media culture, mass culture, cultural hegemony, etc”.

The changes that result from the cultivation of a new culture have created the term ‘new media’ that is trending among media practitioners. The rapid growth of technology with the ideas and thinking of the younger generation has now made the ‘new media’ a reality. The fast-paced world of technology confidently accommodates needs of eager consumers as well as social changes (Klencakova, 2017).

New media refers to the technology uses for people, “the new media technologies include the Internet, multi-media, portals, mobile phones, gaming & animation and many others “(Ravi, 2012). The use of the internet today has become so commonplace that without the internet the human world seems dim. The Internet as a connection, friend, supporter, caretaker at all times makes it a great ‘something’ to all users, especially with its ‘user-friendly’ presence that makes Internet use easier.

Digital Media

Digital from Oxford dictionary is “of signals or data) expressed as series of the digits 0 and 1, typically represented by values of a physical quantity such as voltage or magnetic polarization relating to, using, or storing data or information in the form of digital signals, ‘digital TV’ involving or relating to the use of computer technology and ‘the digital revolution’.

Anyone can have access to this digital world if they have the right devices and connection. In fact, the digital world has become a part of one’s life that can replace traditional life. Now, if you want to buy a meal you don’t even need to queue, just press and it will be delivered it to your doorstep. The computer has taken the shift towards technology and precedents set by the industrial revolution of the 1800s to a new level. The growth of the personal computer and the use of the internet have forced a shift in society that will never look back (Sutton,2013).

Digital world already spread into our world and no one ones to be an exception of this rapid changes especially media where they need to be fluid and adapt the changes to make sure their information and new receive to the receiver (viewer). In some instances, digital media have extended their reach into the mundane heart of everyday life, most visibly with cell phones, gadgets now vital to conduct business affairs in remote areas of the world, as well as in bustling global cities (Coleman, 2010). If you look at the banking sector, the economy, education, agriculture and food and beverages are also expanding their businesses by adopting technology.

The presence of easy-to-carry gadgets has made the sector accessible. It same goes to the media sector, which in the newest media culture nowadays they use social media to make people read their page and news. One of the new culture of media is through social media called Instagram. Regardless of the type of generation, Instagram has now become one of the most popular and raising platforms for digital technology users.


World of media changes because of the technology and the existence of the internet. One of the trends for media practitioners to convey information to viewers is the use of social sites such as “Instagram”. Instagram has come to light in the life of cyber users in late 2010 owned by Facebook creators. Instagram is now arguably more popular than Facebook and Twitter which once became a virtual platform that can become viral in no time. Instagram has come up with many features like images view, filters, search and explore and etc.

What is more interesting is that Instagram users can now make more money and share their life stories more often with a feature called ‘insta story’. Insta story has become the latest culture in the community, Instagram account owners can add information to insta story if they are eligible. We see that this trend has given rise to new media in Malaysia. Among the media that has expanded this use of Instagram are The Star and Bernama.

Both media use Instagram story as one way of presenting their info. The advent of technology has changed the lifestyle of people today, as Instagram is seen as more of a culture and trend for information. Nowadays the people who read the newspaper are seeing less and most of the press fans are from the ‘matured’ group. Feature ‘story’ presented by the media can replace the ability of the press to be accessible every time and anywhere.

Instagram is also one of the fast and easy network marketing tools for media practitioners to spread their wings, Amedie (2015) stated that, “since there is an exponential user growth in social media, companies use this platform for product marketing through advertising, where they promote brands, discuss features, and create awareness. In fact, advertising is the main scheme social media companies use to generate revenue stream to sustain their operation. In addition, social networking sites are used to spread information faster than traditional news outlets or any other form of media”.

Discussion and Conclusion

The main point of this topic is to emphasize the new trend of media which includes the use of technology and social media like Instagram. The culture created by society today has changed the use of technology to make it easier and more enjoyable. When the media changes their perceptions and their way of disseminating information, it automatically creates new trends or cultures that follow the same sector. Nowadays all media do not miss the opportunity to have an Instagram account or an online account to reach their target audience.

Even though newspapers are being forgotten, the people still appreciate nostalgia and newspaper contributions in the past. Newspaper production is still ongoing because for some people they are more comfortable reading on paper than on gadgets. From my observations and opinions, this new media culture will grow since it makes it easy for the viewer to access and up-to-date with the surroundings everywhere. but there is still a disadvantage when relying on this new media in terms of face-to-face communication and interaction is getting slow with people only focus on their gadget.

Other than that is the network problem which is viewer cannot access to the information if the network is down. Without realizing it we have become so dependent on technology that life without it is incomplete. That dependency can disrupt the communication process with each other.


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