Dawn Of E-commerce In The Middle East

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E-commerce the swap trend of traditional shopping habit. Which simply means buy the biggest of the thing to smallest sitting from where you are, to where you want it, from anywhere across the globe. E-commerce Modernising the method of shopping with a revolution in technology had led the demand and exercising growth by 8.1% every year. E-commerce is powerful enough to drive the large sectors i.e., services, payments, trades, finance, retails, logistics, communication. With its substance being to accelerate business processes and reaches out to new customers. And buck up verticals like education, health, the government too.

There are various business models in E-commerce B2B: the transaction and exchange between two businesses. Like one business is selling to the other business. E.g. the Alibaba sells at a lower price to others businesses. B2C: business to consumer wherein online marketplace business sells its goods to customers. i.e. Amazon, Walmart. C2C: consumer to consumer WHERE i.e. eBay selling of refurbished or second-hand products online. C2B: consumer to business where products or services are sold to a business i.e. packing services to business. Also, there are various types of E-commerce Websites Physical goods E-commerce Website: where retails that have brick and mortar method and can make their online market presence and sell their goods through e-commerce websites Door shipping E-commerce Website: it is as service-oriented where they don’t hold any inventory. instead, they find for a seller to sell the goods and wait for the customer to buy the goods and fulfil the delivery.

Digital products E-commerce Website: here the companies solely sell online books, video games, music’s which don’t need the physical stores and drops down the costs and makes it more profitable. Services based E-commerce Website: pure online service providers who bridge the potential clients and customers. Although e-commerce just means trade over the internet with the interface of the various channels, websites and applications .it has provided better market presence and efficient supply chain for products and services .services but has a broader economic impact beyond the horizon. E-commerce is creating jobs around the region with an increase in pay. Expanding markets to national markets and international markets. Attracts customers across the globe, increase in production and serveries accelerates organizations revenue fostering the national income and economic growth. With GDP accounting to 0.12% in the Middle East.

Commanding the demand for infrastructure i.e. warehouses, highly equipped ports and hubs. And advanced logistics. And value-added services to make the operations more seamless and effective Availability and extension into rural areas, has become possible too. Governments are also seemed to have taken the major step for the regions to reach its full potential. UAE has launched its new world-class free zone dedicated to E-commerce in the Middle East and North African region. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait are expanding their verticals, showering investments in infrastructure and ports to house e-commerce hubs in the regions. People are likely to spend 2x to 3x more while shopping online when compared to shopping in a retailer store. Which means people extend their purchasing power. Why people are preferred online shopping? With convenience being the highest perk for people makes it customer friendly. Followed by Ample range of niche products in single window .quick comparisons for better pricing and substantial discounts, with a pool of brands on board and 24/7 shopping experience.

With much-personalised experience, pop up suggestions and launching updates on the portal for their customers. Doorstep delivery with real-time tracking technology-enabled features. With digitized banking, payment gateways get the spotlight with reduced transaction costs and added benefits. E-commerce marketing? This is basically done to drive the sales of the online stores with online platforms E-commerce Websites, Social Media platforms mostly online. There is an array of marketing method that drives the e-commerce sales, blogging, webinars, popup ads, ebooks, QR discounts, recommendation by social media, brand awareness campaigns, influencer marketing etc.. Furthermore. It’s just an effort to push your online sales. Social media being the prime influencer for purchasing products and services based on the recommendations for brands and offers to increase the urge of buying among the users.

E-commerce trend has forced large retailers to build an online e-commerce business with a shift in cultural mindset of people.with electronics accounting to the highest bought category Although it comes with limited customer service where there is no one to one communication, like store executive gives you knowledge about the product. Instead, you get a chat feature with their staffs. When you buy you have to wait until you receive the product.as it’s not like instant purchase although shipped to the doorstep. You can’t experience the product or feel the product until you buy it. The retail e-commerce is expected to hit a peak of 4.88 trillion US dollars by 2021worldwide. the retails sale growth is accelerating by 10.2% in 2017 with rising expectations of 17.5% by 2021. Its seen that the tech-savvy generation is dynamically predicating in digital shopping, in contrast, the number of digital buyers has grown the number expected to rise to 2.14 billion by 2021.

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow the conventional brick and motor method generates only a sales value of $3.9 trillion and e-commerce retails accounting to a value of $249 billion In the coming years, over time E-commerce is expected to take over the brick and motor method of sales as it’s been doing in the recent past.the dominating player of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, are Amazon, souq, Algifts, Awok, Jado-pado, noon,eBay etc. The competition is rising high in the air, having more E-commerce players will encourage bids to offer the best for consumers .with the Middle East being the golden couch of future E-commerce Markets to sit, the e-commerce giants are aiming to pitch in their investments in the region. Yeah it is definitely a good News for people in the Middle East.

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