Critical Film Review: Crazy Rich Asians 

Updated July 5, 2022

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Critical Film Review: Crazy Rich Asians  essay

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The Film dives into the Asian culture by paying close attention towards the Food. The camera angels and the close ups on the food allow one to feel and smell as if you were there in that food market. You can see the steam from the soups and the sizzling of the meats on the pan which makes one’s mouth water at the sight. However, these scenes serve a deeper meaning towards the culture. It’s clear that the culture in Singapore evolves around food and food is used as a device to bring family’s and relationship closer together. The director Chu, created Crazy Rich Asians as a love story but apart from that it focuses very much on the power of woman. We are introduced with this at the beginning of the film with Eleanor and the discrimination she faced when entering the Hotel.

To combat the injustice Eleanor uses her wealth and status as a tool to fight against these injustice’s also, teaching her Kids from an early age that discrimination is morally wrong and shouldn’t be accepted. Astrid, is another character that uses her wealth and status in an empowering moment to stand up against her husband. In this case wealth and status is used as a tool to fight against injustice that Asians faced during the time period. Chu’s crazy Rich Asians picks up on the two types of wealth’s they have in Singapore, old vs new and we can see how this affects the way certain character react towards Rachel. The Young family is from old money meaning they’ve had money in their family for seven generations and they believe in old traditions and practices.

Whereas Peik Lin family, is from new money and welcomes Rachel for who she is and doesn’t judge her based on her background. The different money situations are something that Rachel must combat against from the moment she meets Nicks mother and family. I finished the movie with a large grin on my face not because of all the fancy cars and massive houses but for the way it incorporated culture and the huge impact it has on family and friends. Culture was used as a weapon against Rachel (Wu) but she was not phased by the diffrences however she embraced the cultures and showed everyone no matter where you come from or your background you are who you are and people have to accept that.

Critical Film Review: Crazy Rich Asians  essay

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