Сhild Abuse Problem

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According to the online dictionary, legal definition, Child Abuse is defined “The physical maltreatment of sexual molestation, or act that results in the death, serious physical or emotional harm of a child’ (Child Abuse).

Child abuse can consist of a child being beat by someone who they trusted to take care of them, someone who was close to them. Any abuse to a child is wrong, but how many times has CPS had to step in to remove a child and when they didn’t, was the child was severely hurt? This is due to the negligence of social workers, judges, and others involved not speaking up. Sometimes, kids are abused at the hands of people who aren’t even family members but can’t tell anyone because they will not only get beaten but, that means being yelled at because they told the “family” business. Most people live by the motto, that what happens in this house stays in this house. No one needs to know our “business”.

Children that live in abusive environments don’t quite understand why they are being abused or even why they must watch their siblings being abused. They all suffer just as much because they can’t jump in and help without getting beaten or being treated the same as the current victim. Growing up in an abusive environment as a child who has witnessed or experienced this form of trauma, can make it extremely hard for the victims to express themselves to someone. The statistics of child abuse cases vary for many reasons. If it is reported to the correct people or even reported at all. According to The US Administration of Children and Families, “In 2015, an estimated 1670 children died as a result of child abuse” (US Administration of Children and Families).

According to reports from The Nations Children’s Alliance, “The Children’s Advocacy centers (CAC) around the world provided advocacy and support to more than 311,000 child victims of abuse and family members” (National Children’s Alliance). “Of these 311,000, 195,912 were female, 114,953 were males, and 823 were undisclosed” (National Children’s Alliance). Those are just the number for 2015, can you imagine what the numbers look like for the years before and after? They don’t put these number out for anyone to see or know about. These numbers increase every year, and these numbers don’t include the number of unreported victims. The National Children’s Alliance reported (National Children’s Alliance) that “78.1% of child abuse cases that were reported, the parent was the perpetrator that issued this abuse” (National Children’s Alliance).

People that were abused as children will grow up with a higher chance of being abusive to anyone they form a relationship with, particularly intimate relationship.

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