Can Running Grow Your Glutes

  • Updated October 30, 2021
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Running can make your butt bigger, but it depends on a variety of factors.

When you run it shouldn’t shrink your butt and burn all your muscles. You have to do it the right way and have a balance between your workouts in other to grow your booty.

Running is an effective way to kick your butt into shape. It’s one of the most efficient fat-blasting forms of cardio you can do that will also strengthen and tone your legs and core. But what about your butt? Running can help you build a curvier backside and shed any unwanted fat that’s covering it, but if your goal is to build a bubble butt, running alone might not be enough.

Running can help to sculpt your backside but the style of running you perform will make a significant difference. Depending on the type of running you do, loaded sprints or long endurance runs can make your butt either bigger or smaller.

Long-distance running (a mile or longer) will not develop glutes in any specific way, the stimulus isn’t great enough to induce muscle hypertrophy because the glutes aren’t required to get significantly stronger for forwarding propulsion. Sprinting, on the other hand, forces the body to create force through the glutes, specifically off the start.

Originally actual shape and look of your glutes are controlled by genetics as earlier mentioned.

If you aren’t blessed with the genetics for a bubble butt, running alone might not give you one. Adding resistance-training exercises that target your glutes will help. If you want to keep that nice muscle tone, add strength training.

When I used to run I wanted to stay skinny and lean so I made running my priority and not strength training.

There’s a number of strength training exercises that you can do one to two times a week that will help build muscle in your booty. If you do this multiple times a week, your butt will grow more rapidly and faster.

Remember to eat enough because you will be burning a lot of calories when you run, whether it’s outside on the track or using the treadmill. This is not like the bike exercise where you sit and run. Doing this you’re using all your muscle groups and burning a ton of calories. Keep this in mind and eat more.

My mistake was not eating enough and so I literally shrunk down to nothing at one point before I started eating a lot more. I ate carbs but my protein was much higher. This helped me help keep the muscle that I had and help keep building muscle as I moved on.

You must understand that not all running is created equal. I’m not telling you to go out and run eight miles every single day because although you will burn a ton of calories, you will also be using a ton of energy. Put this energy towards muscle building and strength training.

Sprinting and HIIT running are the best ways to increase the size of your butt.

I recommend doing a few days HIIT training, a couple of days lower intensity or you do a couple of days of HIIT training and then take off cardio on the other days and strength training. Do some plyometric workout too. This will keep your heart rate up.

If you put all these into consideration and understand what you should and shouldn’t do, your butt will grow in no time when you run.

In addition to this, pay special attention to your diet, as without it, you cannot grow your butt.

Safety Precautions

You can decide to run all day, but if you prefer to eat junk food, it won’t make any difference.

If you aim to make your butt bigger, never forget the importance of diet.

Before adding any new food or exercise to your daily routine, remember to consult with your physician before beginning a new exercise or diet regimen.

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