Benefits of Volunteering for Teens

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In most adolescent minds when the word volunteering is brought up they look as if it the most preposterous thing you could have ever said; working without pay? It seems everyone wants change in the world but no one wants to take action in moving towards a better future. Teens in modern day America seem to have a reputation of laziness, selfishness, and other none faltering character traits.

Giving up a few hours a day to clean up the park in your town, you will bring lasting happiness to a child. Building a home for a family who lost theirs to a natural disaster. You have an opportunity to change people’s lives for the greater good.

A volunteer is a person who chooses to do community service willingly and on their own time without expecting any personal gain from it or so people think. Serving your community is rewarding in personally, mentally, and spiritually.

Personal Gains

Connections, opportunities, and new work experience can improve your overall personal experience with devoting time into volunteering. Knowing that you are making a difference and bettering the public by volunteering for a couple hours, days, or maybe even a month is more rewarding than money ever could be.

You are not only bettering yourself as a leader, but also developing critical skills you can apply in the order to build your team in your workplace.

Interpersonal skills grow as you interact with many different types of people with different backgrounds. Individuals who share a passion for a cause or want to better the future just as you do. Paying it forward empowers you to be the best you; you become selfless and begin to care about the well-being of the public as well as yourself.

Psychological Benefits

Mental health plays such a vital role in our lives, so if I told you that volunteering would improve your overall mental health would you do it ? Helping others makes you feel good about yourself. You develop a greater life fulfillment, through helping other people you live a happier life.

The perception you have on life becomes brighter and feel a sense of accomplishments. Some more than others need a sense of purpose, something that they live for; in helping your area.

Having a support system is crucial in your overall mental status, when you meet new people you can develop a support system to be there with you through the every obstacle in life. Through each of these things you will see growth in your mental health status that will benefit you in the long run.

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