Being a Loved or Feared Leader

Updated November 22, 2021

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Being a Loved or Feared Leader essay

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The things that define good leadership have been debated upon for years. In fact this subject is so important that writers have novels trying to compel its readers on what to believe as the best qualities of a leader. The most iconic being ​The Prince​ by Machiavelli. Love is the most powerful thing. Love is the strongest drug you can feel as studies show that it is as powerful of a reaction in the brain as cocaine perfectly illustrated by Shauna H Springer Ph.D.’s article “​Falling in Love is Like Smoking Crack Cocaine”. Imagine that loyalty and persistence to love one person so much that you would forfeit your life unto them. ​Although the book debates on whether to be loved or feared with no proper conclusion, to be a leader it is better to be loved as loyalty and discipline are given rather than commanded, and t​he qualities needed to lead are energy, time management, and strong sense of self.

Energy is needed to stay diligent when weakened by fatigue. Whether it is making schedules to protect everyone or simply watching over the pack when they need it. A leader lets his men go have fun while waiting for their safe return. A leader goes without eating to feed his men. And a leader sacrifices sleep so everyone wakes up safely and if help is needed the leader is there.

Time management is similarly essential because being a leader is one of the most tiring things you can be. Late nights and a constant watchful eye wither the mind and its capability to function. Time is essential to be taken advantage of by the leader more than any other person. Whether little moments of mental rest or catching up with work that needs to be done. Time is the leaders enemy and friend. Benjamin Franklin speaks of diligent work by saying, “​Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Perfectly said time management and not burdening yourself is crucial to timely and solid work.

A strong sense of self is the most important thing for a leader. Whether that means knowing yourself and your weaknesses and humbling yourself in front of your men to complete the mission or having no doubt in your path to the goal. A leader needs to understand the situation and if others know better then others know better, but a leader must be confident in the path he is going to take whether or not he receives help from the team. Doubt must be destroyed because with doubt the teams full heartedness is not in the mission and will not reach the goal. How can a team trust a leader who doesn’t believe in himself, his path, or how to achieve a successful mission? They cannot so a strong sense of self is the most essential to lead.

Being held accountable ties the team and the leader together as they mutually hold each other responsible to their duties to reach the goal. The team holds the leader accountable to have energy, good time management, and a strong sense of self. Just as the leader depends on his men for trust, loyalty, passion, respect, and obedience. Accountability is the glue to tie the overarching leader to his men. Without it it is either tyranny or anarchy. Leaders are to have all the qualities mentioned and then they shall receive the love from the men which is why leaders must be loved not feared because if they are loved they will share the necessary qualities to lead properly.

Being a Loved or Feared Leader essay

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