Autism in Society

  • Updated March 27, 2023
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Many people have different views about autism. Autism is with this, it also has its many forms in the ways it affects people with this disability. Autism should be looked down on as much as it is from others in society. It may seem as if it has more “cons” than “pros” as some call them but if you look at it from a better perspective. There are many reasons as to why it should be looked at better and different fields that are involved disorder including: Causes, Effects, Challenges, Mental issues, types but these are not the only ones and it is not limited to just these, there are many more. Autism should be labeled as more of a disorder rather than a mental illness or disease.

Autism is one word, but with this one word, there are different types that surround it. One type is known as Autism Disorder. This is usually the most common word people here but the different types have different severities. This first type stated above, has to do with language issues, social and communication issues, and last but not least behavioral problems. Another type is known as Asperger Syndrome. This type also has abnormalities like the first type discussed but this one is more of a less severe version of the disorder.

This includes Social issues and behavior but with this one, people do not usually have language issues as much as with the first one. The last type of Autism if known as Pervasive Developmental Disorder. This form usually is also less than the typical form of Autism. The issues with the last type will usually only cause social and communication skills. But these could all be fixed by treatment like 1 on 1 therapy.

Autism also has many different causes, some are unknown and some are still a mystery to be solved one day. A few causes that could be involved with the disorder could be involving genetics. Another possible reason could be related to certain environmental factors in certain states. As Anna Mazzucco said, she said that certain geographical areas have a much more higher of people being exposed to autism such as, California, Texas, North Carolina and Utah. An additional reason could be related to sex hormones, medications and some metals could be playing a role in the part of autism in some people. There are many more other reasons that could still be unknown in this world could all be playing a role of Autism in society but one last reasoning, not being limited to but could be a controversy out there but would be vaccines and dietary foods such as the gluten in some foods.

With every type of autism come many challenges autistic people have to face everyday in society. One challenge they may face could include mental challenges. Autistic people face these challenges everyday one of which it being, neurological problems.

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How does autism affect people's daily lives?
The severity of symptoms associated with autism can range from very mild to very severe, but most people with autism experience difficulty with social interaction and communication. Many people with autism also have restricted and repetitive interests and behaviors.
How does autism impact society?
While the exact cause of autism is unknown, and there is no cure, society has become much more accepting of people with autism in recent years. There are now more resources and support available for people with autism and their families.
How is autism described today?
Autism is described as a neurodevelopmental disorder that is characterized by social and communication deficits, and restricted and repetitive behaviors.
What are the social problems of autism?
All of these social skills problems are rooted in some of the basic elements of ASD: Delays and difficulty in acquiring verbal communication skills . Inability to read non-verbal communication cues. Repetitive or obsessive behaviors and insistence on an adherence to fixed routine.
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