Assessing the Impact of Industrialization

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Industrialization was a period of time where there was rapid social and economic growth, but in specific countries, which include Britain, Belgium and many other. During the Industrial Revolution, many new inventions were invented. The most prominent inventions were the production of the steam engine and then the spinning jenny. These both products changed the world in a positive way. Coal was used to produce steam in the engine and then the spinning jenny made an immense change in the Wool industry as the production of the wool became more efficient. However, there was a drawback for the Steam Engine. It needed coal to produce the steam, which is a non-renewable resource in the world, so consuming coal at a big rate would eventually make coal scarce. Therefore, after the Steam Engines, they altered the engine of the train, which would then consume diesel.

Even though diesel is also limited in our world but as it is efficient for the train to use diesel, it uses diesel as its fuel. Before industrialization, people had no other mean of transportation and it would take weeks or even months for the products to be transported. Now after the invention of the Steam Engine changed it to days for the product to be transported.

England was the first country to Industrialize and its economy was growing as the people were investing in the new productions and the new organizations that were being made. There were many laws made during the Industrial Revolution in the England, which also helped it to industrialize. Some of those laws include the restriction of under the age nine to work in the industries and there maximum working time was changed to 12 hours. Then there were paid inspectors who would also ensure that the law is being applied.

There were other reasons also which made England the first country to Industrialize. It was rich in iron ore, which was to be used in making machines. The prices of the products were also decreased, as the machinery would be making the products instead where humans would be making the products. This would take less volunteers as only the machines have to be controlled. The products were also mass-produced as the production rate increased drastically.

left1016635However, there were also negative impacts of Industrial Revolution. There was a lot of pollution produced, as the factories would release dirty smoke in the air. As the machines were just starting to be made, it often injured many people who operated them. Even though many laws were carried out to diminish Child Labor, Industries would use Child and then they would be stuck in the industries for their life. This eventually caused them to attain no education at all. This reference shows us how the child were used to spun the wool and as they had small bodies, they would easily reach parts of the machines where adults would not.

Living conditions for the working class also worsened. There were many tenements made which were small living quarters for the working class during the Industrialization. They were very small and there were many people living in the same room.

Outhouses were never cleaned and there were odors all over the tenements, which made many, people ill who were living there. The condition was so bad that there were no windows in the buildings and the stairs were steep which caused many people to fall down, as there was darkness also.

The tenements were made up of bricks and as it was really congested, so during summers, it was so hot for the people to sleep and in the winters, it used to become so cold that the people would not live in it hence, they would sleep out in the summer so that they can cool themselves down. There was also an increase in criminal issues as the tenements were open and people would come in and would steal all the resources that were available in the tenement.

Capitalism and Communism were announced. In capitalism, government would take control of the people’s properties and in Communism, there was no government obstructions.

The reference shown on the right is of Karl Marx, who introduced the thought of communism. He said that the Industrial revolution is bringing benefits for the rich only as poor’s should also be getting equal benefits.

In order to fix the issues during the Industrialization, people would meet together in order to decrease all the atrocities and would hold up a meeting.

England is used as a reference for the over-all industrialization because as it was the first one to witness it and it invented the most things during this period. All these things are important if the country needs to evolve and if it needs to industrialize.

According to the research that I have done, it shows us that there were positive factors followed along with the negative factors. But positive factors were more prior than negative factors. We are able to evolve so quickly just because of the products that were made during the Industrial Revolution. People were able to create Artificial Intelligence all thanks to the Industrial Revolution. They were able to understand the negative aspects of using coal too much and through that, they were able to create solutions for that thing. We are able to reach the moon just because of all these technologies. We have evolved in transportation facilities, all because if the production of the first steam engine. The negative aspects were also very dangerous but they were fixed after the time.

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