Art of Ancient Greece

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Art history is a knowledge about development of how artist work like panting, monuments, temples, culture have developed and reached to this time. In this paper will gives information about Greek and Roman art civilization. If we look at the present time roman civilization have given birth to politicians, writers and its footprint is still seen all over the Europe. Where as in Greek civilization the birth of democracy was formed, at the same time population grew and people started to make agriculture products to wine, clothes metalworks.

Looking history of Greek civilization the wealth distribution is compatibly same as in the present time. Pharaoh who were used to richest owed land, like business in present days. Then would come priests who were all blessed by religious and under them could be Scribes, architects they all were above the normal living standards also like the present days. But who were once doing all the hard work or physical activities were always dominated, suffered from many diseases. Because of many its land covered with desert its empire lasted longer time. To attack Greek land they have to pass through harsh land and very hard to survive for an whole army.

In Greek ancient society people believe in a life after death. They used to construct massive tombs to provided a secure location for their bodies after death. Not only this but also may items like ornaments, furniture, foods and art used to buried in tomb stone along with dead body so they when their soul comes in tombs will enjoy a comfortable after life. Statue of King Menkaure shows as a young athlete in balanced body, likewise symbol of embrace of queen. It was made in 2490-2472 BC.

This sculpture was made out of greywacke, some form of quickly deposited sandstone. Tools combination of copper and sand tools, stone abrasion used to craft statue and rubbing stone for polishing. Due to the death of king this sculpture was not completed at the first time. This statue was first example of wife supporting husband and being one semi-equal footing in Egyptian culture. This is why this statue have a very high value in Egyptian history.

The head of Nefertiti is a painted-coated limestone of great royal wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. It is believed face is completely symmetrical and almost complete, but the left eye lack an eye pupil. What makes this sculpture so valuable is it was first carved cheekbones, strong chins, and sharp nose and then limestone core were covered by gypsum stucco. This sculpture was just a model for other reference around 1340 BCE was made in workshop of Thutmose but discovered in 1912 by German archaeologists. This statue have no religious history but because how it was made hade made its important. The colorful design has made its uniqueness it almost gives a felling of real head of a person.

Looking at the Greek civilization we can found a unique feature of them they believe in life after death and different gods controlled different aspect of life. They had a believe god used to live, stay among them so respect for them was greater. Unlike in our religious they used to build different types of monuments, arts, sculpture to please gods. At that period of time creativity was at next level like panting, tombstones, sculpture so many of their work are still praised and still a lot of mystery of formation of their art.

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