Anthem by Ayn Rand

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This novel, Anthem (written by Ayn Rand ), takes place in a dystopian collectivist society, where people have no sense of self and freedom, they are completely obey the leaders of the society ‘the Council’. However, the protagonist Equality finds ‘himself’ in such a totalitarian society and helps people with his knowledge and power. In the first chapter of the novel, the Pyre is ordered by the council to have his tongue torn out and burn him to death on the fire altar because the Pyre has spoken the Unspeakable Words which the Council is not allowed to mention or even know about to the people.

In the essay, there could be three reasons to support that why lots of people obey the totalitarian leaders completely. The first reason is the control of social environment from the leaders. The totalitarian leader through this social environment control, this kind of behavior that totalitarian environment not only seek to establish control of communication between the individual and the outside world (experience, as well as all expression), and by infiltrate into people’s inner life, and control people may be on to communicate with their inner monologue.

There is an example in Anthem, the Council do not allow anyone to go into the Uncharted Forest. This central idea of self-justification is their supposed omniscience. They believe that truth is theirs alone. They believe that it is their duty to create an environment that contains and only contains the absolute ‘truth’. And then, in order for people to obey them completely, leaders will manipulate the definition of purity and then ‘clean up’ the existence of impurity. (for instance, the Council always criticize and crush Equality and his inventions, and the film Pleasantville.)

Totalitarianism builds a narrow world of guilt and shame by defining and manipulating the conditions that make up purity and then waging a full-scale war against impurity. This, in turn, is sustained by a constantly changing morality, which requires a perpetual and painful. l struggle for something that not only does not exist, but actually runs counter to human nature. The last reason, is that followers must and are forced to accept their leaders’ ‘mind- altering’ with pain and pleasure. The next inevitable step after social control is widespread personal control.

This manipulation is unscrupulous, unconstrained, and uses all possible means at the disposal of social circumstances, no matter how bizarre or painful. Ideologically based totalitarians seek this approach not just to maintain a sense of power over others. Under totalitarian rule, people are no longer people with flesh and blood, thoughts and souls, but ‘machine’ people. Individual lives are subordinate to the state, and individual interests are subordinate to the public interest. The regime is higher than human rights, and countless individuals are trampled to death in a series of meaningless political movements.

Totalitarian rule relies on the support of the masses. Leaders no longer believe in the universal validity of laws because of the support of the masses, but believe in their innate ability to rule and adjudicate. Because of the personality cult, there are always countless supporters for any movement launched. In the origin of totalitarianism, there is a saying that ‘leaders rely on the will of the masses he embodies, and the masses rely on him. Without him, they lack external representatives and are always a mob’. This is driven by a special mystery that not only justifies the manipulations, but also makes them necessary.

In this mystery, there is a sense of ‘higher mission’, namely ‘direct understanding of some imminent law of social development ‘, in which they themselves are the forerunner. According to above points of view, the essay provide some information about the totalitarian leader control people by controlling the environment solution in this society, crushing and changing people’s mind thinking and feeling. Like Nazism in German, millions of people were died in the panic totalitarian society, totalitarianism causes great suffering and people all over the world should stop it.

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