Animal Abuse Deserve Sentences

Updated October 7, 2021

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Animal Abuse Deserve Sentences essay

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In a research done by the humane society, many families went under investigation for child abuse and found that pet abuse had taken place in 88% of those families. Many people around the world have taken deep affection for animals like incorporating them in their families and counting them as a family member. But when someone hurts an animal profusely, that person should be punished even more discordant than when someone abuses a child. It’s not fair to give a child abuser harsher treatment than an animal abuser when some people animals are like part of their family. How far do you agree that animal abusers deserve the same treatment as child abusers? Animals should be taken care of and not put in the wrong hands.

Many people think different things about animal and child abuse, especially what animal and child abuse are. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals a charity operating in England and Wales that promotes animal welfare, “causing animals psychological harm in the form of distress, torment or terror may also constitute animal cruelty.” Animal cruelty takes multiple different forms which include any harm or intentional violence put upon an animal including failure to care for the animal, physical abuse, neglect, hitting/injury, killing/death, and maltreatment.

The National Child Abuse Hotline, dedicated to preventing child abuse and supporting abused children, refers to child abuse as “a parent or caregiver whether through action or failure to act, causes injury, death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child.” There are so many different forms of child abuse including emotional, sexual, and physical abuse, maltreatment, exploitation, and neglect. As you can see the abuse an animal gets is very similar to that of child abuse but yet the two different crimes have very different punishments for the harm the person has caused.

In different circumstances, some people think that animal abusers have enough jail time. The prison sentence is increasing for criminals convicted of animal abuse like in the U.K. where they have increased their prison sentence for animal abusers to up to five years compared to before when the sentence was only six months. In the article “Animal cruelty could result in a five-year jail sentence under a new law” from The Guardian, renowned for the Paradise Papers Investigation and other award-winning work, the quote, “we now feel that those who commit these acts will soon be receiving sentences that reflect the seriousness of their crime and hope this will act as a real deterrent against cruelty and neglect” stated that people agree that the people who abuse animals deserve longer and tougher sentences, but should they really get the same treatment or tougher treatment because think about if someone abuses a little child they deserve to be sent to death, not saying that animal abusers deserve to not have jail sentences or fines to pay because animal abusers deserve a very large fine and many many years in prison thinking about the hurt they caused the animal.

Life is an important thing for most people. Gary Francione comments that “we kill and eat more than 58 billion animals a year worldwide, not counting fish. Indeed, the animals we use for food suffer as much if not more than the cat that was callously kicked.” Now, this quote is not saying that the cat didn’t hurt but more less that worldwide we kill 58 billion animals a year and yes they probably do suffer some point in their life and lot more than a cat that was accidentally kicked (not too hard). For example, two workers from Tyson Foods was caught on camera stabbing, crushing and stomping on chicks killing them. The men were also caught killing, “sick or injured birds appear to be killed, run over by forklifts or impaled on nails stuck into pipes while dying chickens are thrown into piles of dead ones.”

A quote by Justin Moyer a writer at The Washington Post with a college bachelor of the arts degree from Wesleyan University, in social science/music, 1998; Goucher College master of fine arts in creative nonfiction, 2014. This is repugnant how someone could harm such an innocent animal and think so little about killing it but, this shows you that when we kill animals to eat they suffer more less this was a story on the men abusing and killing the animals but in the end they still suffered dying which isn’t as worse as a poor child suffering from abuse and dying through the pain.

Like I said animal abusers deserve longer and more jarring sentences, but should they really get the same treatment or tougher treatment. Because if you think about it someone that abuses a little child deserves to be sent to death or have the same treatment given to them as they gave to the child they abused, hurt, or killed, not saying that animal abusers deserve to not have jail sentences or fines to pay because animal abusers deserve a very large fine and many many years in prison thinking about the hurt they caused the animal.

Animal Abuse Deserve Sentences essay

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