Amazon and Jeff Bezos

Updated July 17, 2021

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Amazon and Jeff Bezos essay

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Why is amazon and the founder rich and a good company? In this essay you’ll learn new things about amazon, so grab your snacks and drinks to be amazed about this company and founder. As we all know Amazon is a humongous company and it is found everywhere. Also we all know the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos. He is a very rich billionaire and the second richest man in the world.

Why is Jeff Bezos rich? We all know that he is rich because of amazon. But did you know that he makes about 2,500 dollars a second which is very crazy! But here is a question? How did Jeff start amazon. He started amazon in his parents garage in 1994, but it started to grow from a small business to a big business. But why did he start amazon? He started amazon because he wanted a website that is an everything store, he said, where you can buy anything from a souvenir coin to a car.

Why is amazon a good company? Amazon is a good company because you can buy whatever you want due to that it has a huge department of things. It’s customer service is good from what people say. Amazon is a huge online shopping place which makes other offline places like Jcpenney, Walmart, walgreens, and other stores to close. Amazon is also a good place to buy from because the products there are low in prices.

Is amazon a good place to work at. Yes, people who used to work there loved working there. When you work at amazon you have a lot of freedom and a lot of space. Their incomes to workers are not bad. People suggest to work at amazon because it’s a nice place to work at.

Will Amazon ever shut down? Yes, Amazon will shutdown one day according to bing.com. Due to amazon it’s failing because it’s going bankrupt. As Jeff said at a meeting on CNBC, “ amazon will fail one day it will go bankrupt.” But from now on it is still successful. Although it’s sale price is 23% slower than last year.

In conclusion, Jeff is a rich and successful man, and might go bankrupt in the future but we don’t know when. But Jeff Bezos and his managers and employers aren’t trying to get bankrupt. Some people hope amazon shut’s down and some hope that it isn’t shutting down. In my opinion i hope it doesn’t. Also amazon is running and still on its feet and not falling apart, your welcome for the facts thank me later!

Amazon and Jeff Bezos essay

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