Account of the Life and Crimes of Charles Manson

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Charles Manson was a bearded wild-eyed 35-year-old career criminal and pimp. who stood a mere 5’2″. He mesmerized a group of largely middle-class youths into thinking he was Christ incarnate, Using manipulation With drugs and force of personality. Manson molded young people into killers. They would be lucky enough to carry out his visions of Heller Skelter. One of the youths picked up was Leslie Van Houton. She met him. and was very suprised at his advanced age and diminutive size. Within a month. Manson was running her life. Manson considered his followers as his family. Manson taught the family that true love required complete destruction of one‘s self.

They had to become empty so they could be filled With his love. He Wanted compliant followers with devotion and dependence on him. His family took many acid trips together. During the trips. Manson would teach all night. All would listen.sad think it sounded a little screwy. but still they would believe all he said. His acid trips got continually more violent. He started raving about the race war in which the oppressed blacks would rise to slaughter all of the whites. He said the Beatles sent messages of Armageddon through the “White Album’with songs such as “Helter Skelter”. “Revolution”. and “Piggies.” He played the album endlessly. Along with the music. Charlie was amused by his sexual power, He said women were to servrce men. and bear their children. Men have also created kings. and He was the king of kings. One night in July 1969, twenty family members gathered for an orgy.

Manson said, “everyone makes love to everybody”. Everyone layed on the floor and touched and made love to everyone. On his ranch. Charlie ordered everybody to wear dark clothes and keep all children out of Sight, He believed they were under surveillance of the Black Panthers. He thought they were getting ready for the race war. When Manson played “Helter Skelter.” he felt it was talking to him. In one passage it says.”Charlie. Charlie. send us a telegram.,.,”. After a brief trip up to Big Sur. in northern California. Manson returned with a feeling that the time for Helter Skelter had arrived, On August 9. 1969 Linda Kasbian. Charles “Tex” Watson. Patricia Krenwrinkle. and Susan Atkins drove to the Tate estate.

Watson cut the phone Wires and they jumped the back fence. Steven Parent was then confronted. and Tex shot him four times. Inside. they gruesomely killed actress Sharon Tate. who was eight months pregnant. hair stylist Jay Sebring. coffee heiress Abigail Folger. and her lover Voytek Frykowski. The murders were committed in fits of rage. Parent was lust Visiting the reSIdent of the guest house. He was killed in the backyard. When the group was dropped off by Manson. he told them “leave a sign. something witchy”. They took the victims blood and smeared the walls, They wrote “Pigs” very large on one wall. They then left the scene, This night of murders shocked everyone. but Manson was not going to let down.

The next night he sent Leslie Van Houten along for the job. Leno Labianca. the owner of a string of grocery stores. and his Wife, Rosemary were ambushed at their suburban home. Leslie held Rosemary down While Patricia stabbed her. She was struggling quite a bit. so Tex finished the Job With a bayonet. Then Tex told Leslie to stab her because everyone must get dirty. and she did Sixteen more times. This wasjust abuse. because she Was probably already dead. All told. the couple was stabbed eighty-seven times. A carving fork Was left in Leno’s stomach. and a Knife in his throat. Again they obeyed Manson and left the mark of “war” carved into Leno’ abdomen. They also wrote “Death to Pigs” on the Walls in blood and smeared the walls and furniture.

The whole crime scene was a grim site. These are just some examples of the power Manson had over his “family”. Manson was caught after the police had looked for him for a while. The trial was long and at the beginning of the trial all the members of the family that were being tried shaved there head and carved an X on their forehead. because Charlie told them to. Manson was convtcted and he is still in prison today. Every 10 years he gets a parole hearing. Manson Will probably never get out and he Will die in prison.


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