Abraham Lincoln Was the Best President

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Abraham Lincoln was the best President. In 1982, there was a section alone in the Chicago Tribune where they asked forty nine historians and political scientist to rate the Presidents. At the top of the list was Abraham Lincoln. He was often referred to as a self made man or tone to save the Union who had given his life so that others could be free. He understood that freeing the slaves who take patience to ensure that every aspect was abolished at the best of his abilities. He was also able to create something more of the Union. Somewhat of a perfect Union in terms with liberty and economic equality.

He is also seen as the most activist President in history. He transform the Presidents role as commander in chief in a powerful new position, making the President supreme over other branches of government. His activism began almost immediately when he called out the state militias and expanded the army and navy. He also spent two million without congressional appropriation and blockaded Southern ports.

And New Years Day 1863, only two years after he stepped into office, he issued the infamous Emancipation Proclamation. To do all of these things, he broke a lot of laws and ignored constitutional provision. He made war without declaring war. He also made to where the president would be the final interpreter of the Constitution if that meant he lost a nation. He showed that the President had a special duty that went beyond the power of Congress and the courts. This power required the President to be responsible for the well being and survival of the nation in cases of emergency.

Lincolns legacy of executive authority did not last beyond his death. Over time both Congress and the courts overshadowed the White House in power and influence. Despite that, Lincolns lasting accomplishments are the preservation of the Union, the end to slavery and birth of democracy. He did this in a way that no one else could. If any other man would have done it, it could have been seen as a failure. His greatest achievement is seen as his ability to energize a whole nation by appealing to its best ideal idea of a put together nation. He did all of this hopes for perfect Unions.


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