12 Years A Slave by Solomon Northup

Updated September 21, 2021

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12 Years A Slave by Solomon Northup essay

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Have you ever googled or had a thought about what slaves experienced through during enslavement for a long time? In the book twelfth Year a Slaves, it talks a lot about a slave outlook and their past events that they appeared in. The key concept of the story of 12 Years A Slave was to convince to the individual that the reading in this book to give a huge awareness of what events occurred through the darkest times in this country past. The writer tells through his 12 years, in a particular way, to be capable to connect with his readers and show his outlook on his involvement during his time-controlled as a prisoner. When we were educated about slavery, undergraduates can understand and feel how black slaves feel back through the late 1800s. Slaves were viciously abused and worked all day. “I ask no paradise on high, with cares on earth oppressed, The only heaven I sight, Is rest, eternal rest .”(Solomon Northup 101).The importance of this quote is that it shows these slaves work hard all day and all they want is rest but they don’t really get much of that. Slave rulers had no pity on their bondsman; they would whoop them until they were near to dying.”

There may be humane masters, as there certainly are in humans also”(Solomon Northup 79). This quote importance is showing that back then there were normal masters and then there were other matters that shouldn’t be alive because they were just cruel to there slaves. This is the real truth how they treated the slaves back then, what scholar are educated and offer only one outlook of how the blacks were treated, Because of this outlook that was set in the student’s brains, kids start to sense sorry for the slaves back then and be thankful that they were not living during this time era . But people can’t just support their ideas on just 1 action; the entire image must be looked in a way to accept. Raised and born as an independent (free) man, Solomon Northup was conceive, got rob for his papers, and was traded into the slave’s life.

When Northup was brought into slave civilization, his initial owner, William Ford, was a caring owner. He talked only wonderful things and cheered his bondsman to do well. Ford was a legend in my eyes there were not multiple owners like compared to him. Ford was nice to all his slaves, he never fought them with a belt or embarrass them in front of their friends. This adjusted the readers’ vision of what was enslavement were like through that time generation. There may not have been numerous slave owners who were cruel to their people that were slaves, but slave owners like Ford are different and change everyone perspective about slavery then the people who read this book begin to notice that not all slave owners that they were not all brutal to their slaves.

Solomon published this book 12 Years A Slave cause it made society have them in their form how the slaves were poorly treated. Being in power for the Caucasians indicating them being as the top dog. As for when the Bondsman, when they are given the lash it is to see if they are ready to listen to their owner’s orders. Not all bondsman’s owners handle their bondsman the idecicatinal treatment compared to other cruel slaves owners with their slaves that they owned. The individual connections that Solomon overlook his self and of other people were affected by the strategy of processing ideas in not so established civilizations. Not a big concern if they were the bondsman was going to be with cruel and a hateful owner but that didn’t make Solomon stop and believing in obtaining his indepences again. His way of reasoning was to be powerful and be brave so he could remain maintenances of the existences of a bondsman.

My response to the book 12 Year A Slave is was shady and full of disasters and awful display. I didn’t appreciate the process that the caucasian community treated the black people like pleasants not like an ordinary people because slavery back then was no joke, just awful. The Caucasian were wackos because there is no person has any right to place their hands on someone or even lash any human being like that. The not white people in 12 years of the slave were solid employees and they did labor from like for the whole day if they didn’t do what the owners wanted them they will get hit .”Ten years I toiled for that man without a reward”(Solomon Northup 70). This quote importances shows that this slave worked hard for there masters and still didn’t get any rewards for what he did for his labor.

I honestly didn’t like that the blacks would be doing labor for the white and working hard and receiving a punishment. One of the most important causes that enslavement should end is because slave owners handle their bondsman brutally like how they treated Solomon numerous times in the story. Slave owners do not take slaves having family into thought and are willing to shatter bondsman kids for abduction. Like the example in the story 12 years A Slave when Eliza was bought, Eliza requested her recent slave owner to buy her child also. The description of 12 Years a Slave has proven that the American civilization, mainly in the early 1800s was not so smooth and excellent as it existed. The cruel truth of enslavement, cancel the joyful and excellent life.

In conclusion, this novel offers an exact, complete explanation of bondsman’s being from the view of slaves who had the power to note what’s going on and correct situation. After becoming raised free and encountering an existence of independence, Solomon was robbed and traded into slavery auction for 12 years. Earlier to his kidnapping, he was an agriculturist and he worked on rafts in the NY region and had a spouse and 3 kids. Through his story, he stayed assured that his circumstance would finally be different He carried on to the desire of someday getting his independence, even when it looks as if all desire was absent.

12 Years A Slave by Solomon Northup essay

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