12 Years a Slave, a Movie I Never Want to See Again

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Maybe because it was the Truth. What I learned about Solomon Northup was that he was a Free Man in New York. He was married To Anne Hampton. They had 3 kids Elizabeth, Margaret and Alonzo. Solomon played the Violin and he was pretty good at it. In 1841 Solomon Meet two strangers Hamatain and Brown they said that they were a Traveling band, and for 3 weeks and 2 days they wanted Solomon to play for a good amount of cash. The trip was going smoothly so far until one night Solomon woke up in chains wondering what happened. He is a free Man why is he wrapped up in chains.

When seeing this scene I was pretty much confused, Solomon was just seating down eating dinner With Hamatain and Brown. I really thought Solomon Was having a bad dream until the next scene. After waking up in chains, I learned that Solomon had been drugged, Striped of his freedom, and sold to a slave trader. .The slave trader James walks in to the pen where Solomon who announced that Northup was now his ‘property’, and that he was being taken to New Orleans to be sold. Solomon tries to explain to him that he is a free man that this isn’t right and because of that Solomon is whipped. He continue saying that he is free, and, although James knows that, he doesn’t want Solomon to tell people that. Watching Solomon being beaten was hard to even watch. He screamed and cried because now he is no longer FREE and he was now a slave.

Salomon was taking on a boat with at least 6 other slaves’ women and her 2 Children, and 3 other men who was also free but kidnapped .They were going from Virginia to New Orleans Solomon Named had been changed to Platt. When a slave is being bought the buyer can check the slave. The process is the buyer checks slaves by looking in the slave’s mouth, checking their body to make sure it was strong, and if it was a women slave they well actually check everything to make sure that they are good enough to have baby. When a slave has scares on their back it means that the slave has been whipped a lot which tells the buyer that they aren’t obedient.

After Serving under Master Ford Solomon Next owner was Mr. Epps. Mr. Epps was different from Solomon’s other master, he was more Violent, Cruel and a drinker when he is drunk, he either makes his slaves dance or whips them just for the fun of it. The wanted to put Fear into the slaves they would receive large amounts of whips for different mistakes 25-small offense, 50-average offense, 100-sever offense, 150-200-for being lazy, 500-attempting to runaway. They where even Beaten If didn’t pick enough Cotton. Now Solomon was not a good picker. An ordinary day of picking cotton would be 200lbs which some men couldn’t even do. Patsy which is Master Epps slave she can pick over 600lbs of cotton she is one of his best cotton Pickers. Not only that Master Epps had a sexual relationship with Patsy. Which Mistress Epps Didn’t like she would have Patsy Whipped or Throw things at her, even when it’s time for dinner so wouldn’t even let Patsy Eat.

So far Solomon served up under Epps for 10 years. Solomon trusted a white slave that he will mail a letter to Solomon family for him, but instead he tells master Epps about the letter so that he could get Solomon in trouble. It was Hurtful but real, is when Epps has Patsy whipped for going over to the neighbors plantation. She was going over there to get soap, he doesn’t like it because he thinks she and the plantation owner were having some sexual relationship, so he has her whipped by Solomon you can see in Solomon eyes how it hurt him to do it But in the end Solomon gets someone Elsa to send a letter to Henry B. Northup and to his family so they can send down his Free Paper and to let them know what happened Henry North Comes to Get Solomon takes Him back Home.

The movie was sad because it was based off A true story it wasn’t Made up it was REAL. African Americans Where treated like dirt the slaves were often treated cruelly, they were forced to work for long hours, kept in cabins with terrible living conditions many families were separated through the slave trade. The slaves were treated like animals instead of humans. That’s why it’s so important that As African American children you get your education there are so many people your ancestors who fought for you to seat in a class room as whites to read the same books as whites, to even walk the same hallways. They fought for equally right the right to be free. Knowledge is Power.

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