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Worthy Fictional Hero in Shakespearian play Twelfth Night

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Worthy Fictional Hero in  Shakespearian play Twelfth Night essay
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What makes a lovable, worthy fictional hero? Is it inexhaustible kindness, the ability to repeatedly forgive and forget? Or is it courage, the ordinary acts of bravery that drive one person to stand up for another? Is it wit and instant comebacks that leave his hind positively astounded? Or is it the adorable Innocence and admirable positivity that always charm their way into your heart!

In my opinion, it’s all of them bundled up into one. Every day, writers struggle immensely when trying to create a character who appears feisty, but not aggressive. Who seems kind, but not to the point where they become an absolute pushover. in writing, there is a distinctly fine line- a precarious balance when creating a fictional character you would want people to relate to and be inspired by. In my opinion, the vital reason Shakespeare has received so much praise from critics, why his Plays are still selling hundreds of thousands of copies. even in this day and age, is his unfailing ability to create a genuinely lovable character who constantly strives to do the right thing whilst also displaying signs of humanity and flaws.

A Prime example of this is the spunky, bubbly personality of his popular female character of Viola from his romantic comedy-Twelfth Night, Twelfth Night is a Shespearian play supposedly written in 1601 with a strong them6 of disguise, deceit, mistaken identity, and unconditional love. During the Way, ‘love’ is represented as a sort of infatuation on countless occasions. People often switch their lovers for somebody else they now ‘love’, and flippantly fling the word around.

Despite this, Viola’s love for Orsino appears to be Pure and is unwavering throughout the duration of the play, unlike Orsino (who loves Olivia then Viola). Olivia (who loves `Cesario’ then Sebastian) or Maria and Toby (who seem more in love with the idea of love rather than each other). This suggests she is an honestly kind person who is actually, passionately in love as opposed to selfishly lovesick. Her only true flaw is her sense of identity.

Throughout Twelfth Night. she has to keep up an appearance” of somebody she is not, surrounded by people who don’t know who she really is. She has to switch between two personas, which could her to slightly lose her sense of self. Thankfully. her Sebastian shows up in time to put things right. This Is able to step away from the character of Cesario roe damage is done to her wellbeing (which was a us worry for me). Though she has been beautiful, it seems Viola is not just a pretty face, of days. she managed to become a trusted and to Orsino (whist posing as Cesario), liking to her.

Worthy Fictional Hero in  Shakespearian play Twelfth Night essay

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How is Viola a hero in Twelfth Night?
Viola's Role in Twelfth Night Viola is the catalyst that drives the plot forward . Her arrival in Illyria begins the plot, and the two other main characters falling in love with her opens several plot lines in which her responses to both create more dramatic events. Viola is a dream role for an actor.
Is Feste the hero of Twelfth Night?
Feste is a fictional character in William Shakespeare's comedy Twelfth Night. He is a fool (royal jester) attached to the household of the Countess Olivia. Feste Twelfth Night character Actor Louis H. Chrispijn as Feste, ca. 1899 Created by William Shakespeare
Who is the hero of the play Twelfth Night?
Viola is the protagonist of the play. She begins the play in an unfortunate and vulnerable position, having been shipwrecked in a strange land where she does not know anyone. Her first desire is to figure out the customs and power dynamics of Ilyria without revealing her true identity.
Who is the most important character in Twelfth Night?
Viola is the central character in Shakespeare's play, Twelfth Night. She is washed up on a beach in Illyria after losing her twin brother in a shipwreck. She disguises herself as a boy, gives herself the name Cesario and finds employment with Duke Orsino Duke Orsino Orsino is the Duke of Illyria. He is a powerful nobleman who is trustworthy and kind to everyone he meets . A bachelor, Orsino is in love with the beautiful Lady Olivia, and he constantly compares his love for her with music. Duke Orsino is a man with high romantic imagination and is a melancholy lover. Orsino (Twelfth Night) , the wealthy young ruler of Illyria.
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