Why Education in My College MACC is Important for Me

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Since I was very young, I had always dreamed of working for a computing company like Apple and Microsoft. Starting in my first grade year, I had a very strong passion for computers and technology. I learned to use a computer before I even learned to read, and write English. Education is very important to me because it has helped me come a long way since I was in the first grade. I have found that going to school and getting an education is very beneficial to my life. Education has allowed me to achieve so many opportunities throughout my educational career. By knowing this information, I am highly confident that by setting goals, by staying motivated, and being determined education will help me to be successful as I advance to follow my dreams and passions. Setting goals and staying motivated will increase my changes of achieving success.

Education equips me to form options and have points of view on everything in life. I firmly believe that by going to school and by getting an education it will help me by playing a vital role to achieve a productive, good life. Over the years I have found that by learning new things throughout my life, I can develop my values, and to become a mature adult who plans for my future. I have found that learning new things either from my parents or school that I can make good decisions for my life. Learning helps me to become more responsible than I used to be, and it has helped me to grow up from my teenage years to become an adult. Since I was the age of thirteen, I have learned a lot about myself through the power of education. I have found that learning new things and becoming more responsible has helped me to value myself.

When I was younger, I didn’t really value myself and didn’t thought education was all that important to me. By the time I became thirteen, I really didn’t know how to value myself. But as time went on, and went to school. I started to develop my morals. Since the time of my early teenage years, to me being an adult today, I have learned many new things to become more mature. In my early teenage years, I only cared about playing video games, and programming computers. I always put school off to the side till late in the evenings. I was not very mature either. By the time I started middle school, I have seen how important how education can be and how I can use it to become a worker at Microsoft or Apple. By learning new things through the power of education, it can force me to become more responsible.

Where I was a teenager, I was not very responsible. I had always procrastinated and put things off to the last minute. My middle school teachers helped open my eyes and helped me to see the world in an all-new prospective.  My parents and my experience in school has opened my eyes to help me to become more responsible for myself and it helped me to learn to do things for myself. Education has helped me to plan for college and to help me plan for my career path to become a successful computer programmer I like to learn new things, and that is what I find important about college. I plan on getting a computer science doctorate. My long-term goal at Moberly Area Community College is to earn an Associate’s Degree and to continue my education to a graduate school. By doing so, I plan on going to a University to achieve a doctorate degree. My courses and credits that I have completed at MACC, will transfer to a college like Mizzu or Columbia College.

My Short-term goal is to pass all of the general courses that are required for completing the Associate of Arts in Computer Science. The requirements for this goal is to MACC for 2 years in a college to study all the required courses. The courses include Networking, CIT Web design, CIT 106 Info to Technology and many more. I will measure my progress by going to all my classes, doing all the homework, keeping up with my grades, and by studying hard. The logical steps are as follows: Learn database concepts such as tables, views/queries and procedures. My education requires both long-term and short-term goals. Motivation is the key to success to achieve long term and short-term goals. By staying motivated and achieving my goals I plan on becoming successful in my college career. Setting goals also require a very good set mindset that I did not have in my early teenage years. My time at Waynesville High School, has taught me to set goals, be motivated and to be the best person that I can be. One way I will achieve this is by not wanting to check social media and going out for a bike ride when I have assignment to work on.  I will also plan on making weekly checkpoints to stay on task and being motivated.

Planning and structure are needed to attain goals organization of schedules and assignments is important to reaching goals. I strongly believe by going to college and studying will benefit me throughout my life, personally and socially. For example, my favorited course in high school was Geography, and that course has helped me to learn more about other cultures. Geography has taught me to always plan, and work ahead and staying focused. By getting an education through college and by getting a job, it should help me to have less financial problems or struggles in my career and its future. My educational experiences have provided me with many opportunities to solve problems, and I know it will continue to do so throughout my life.

My educational and professional skills will come in handy throughout my life. By going to school and getting an education, I have found that college also requires a lot of organization and structure. I am currently attending my first semester at MACC. I am a full-time student and I am currently taking 13 credit hours. I always keep track of my assignments and their due dates. Since the beginning of the semester, I have been working ahead in all my computer courses. By doing so, it has a lot of structure that comes along with it.  Currently I am over a month ahead in all my CIT Courses and my College Orientation class. This is a routine that I have found to be very successful to help me do well in all of my classes and it has helped me to make better grades in college.

In High School, I didn’t have a set structure and I didn’t plan to well for any of my assignments, since this was only true for my first semester of high school. After my first semester of high school, my grades where all good, mostly A’s and a few occasional B’s. But I found out that it was not good enough. My teachers have helped me to be less of a procrastinator and to become more responsible to setting goals and become more successful My routine for studying is to study ahead of the class and to study in between each class. I also mange to learn the course material ahead of time, so that I spend less time studying. To me, my college education means a lot and it requires a lot of planning and organization.

Learning new material and concepts is expected in college. Continuous practice and review is helpful in learning new concepts. I have learned throughout my high school years, that practice helps make things better. I believe that is true because I was not worry good at English. I have learned to practice my reading by reading more books. The strategy of practice and learning has helped me to become a better reader in English. Opportunities for a better quality of life are greater for those with an education. This year, I will try to do my best, so I can get a good education. I have always known that the key to success is education. I have always and will always take my education seriously.

English is hard for me, but I have learned to keep practicing it and getting help for when I need it. Since I lived in the U.S, I have struggled at reading, but since the fourth grade, I have gotten help from many people to me become better at English. Since I was a little child, I have struggled at math, but I have always gotten help from my teachers. My educational experiences have provided me with many opportunities to solve problems, and I know it will continue to do so. Education has given me the ability to better understand other cultures around the world. Education helps giving a better understanding of other cultures. For example, my favioate class in high school was geography.

My teacher, Mr. Flemming, has taught opened my eyes to see the whole world in a whole new prospective. I have learned to appreciate other cultures and countries around the world  I was mainly raised in Germany, and I have adapted to many cultures throughout the years. I am the type of person that likes to learn new things and about people all the time. Throughout my education experience, I have found that visual and hands on learning have worked very well for me. For me, studying and always having to memorize information does not work for me. My favorite classes have turned out to be the more hands on type of classes. In those types of classes, I have had all A’s and never had a grade under 96%, My report cards can also reflect on this. If you have a brain, use it and fill it up with knowledge, do not just memorize a punch of facts and then forget them the next day. Trust me, education is a good deal and it will help me to become successful in my lifetime.

I have found that college is very important for me to become successful at achieving my lifetime goal. Goal setting is very important, and it provides a good experience in education! I have every intention to continue my schooling after MACC, and after getting my Doctorate. I furthermore intend on getting a well-paying job. Planning and staying motivated will help me to achieve my dream of becoming a good computer programmer.

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