What Happens When Teenagers in Your Hometown Start Coming up Missing and Murdered

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In Gillian Flynn’s novel, Sharp Objects, she successfully demonstrates her stance on abuse, trauma, and self-harm. Gillian makes sure to make her novels super enigmatic, and mind twisting. Both of Gillian’s novels, Sharp Objects and Gone Girl, are psychological thrillers. This means that both books are literally going to mess with your head!

The author of the novel “Gone Girl” is Gillian Flynn. She was born February 24th, 1971 in Kansas, Missouri. Gillian is married and has two kids. Her husband’s name Brett Nolan and her kids names are Flynn(8), and Veronica(4). Gillian attended multiple universities such as University of Kansas, Northwestern University, and Medill School of Journalism. She intended to become a crime reporter, but worked as a stinger for U.S. News and World Report. Later on she becomes staff writer for Entertainment Weekly and later a television critic. In 2018, she’s laid off and decides to become a full time fiction writer. Gillian likes to write about murder, child abuse, and self-harm in one of her novels “Sharp Objects”. In the second novel “Gone Girl” things get brutal, “subtly weird”, and even misogynistic.

Camille Preaker lives in Chicago and works for “Daily Post.” When her boss asks her about her hometown, she doesn’t want to talk about it. Her boss, Frank Curry, wants Camille to go back to Wind Gap, Missouri to write about the little girl who died one year ago, and the girl, Natalie, who recently came up missing. Even though Camille doesn’t want to go back, she reluctantly packs her things for a trip that was only supposed to last no longer than a week. When Camille arrives she hopes that this case was just a runaway delinquent and she can just go back to Chicago, but that wasn’t the case. As soon as she gets to the police department, she quickly realizes everyone throughout the town are searching for the still-missing girl.

As the story progresses, everyone constantly reminds Camille, and the readers, that they think that women are weak. What’s ironic about this, is the main antagonist is a woman. While Camille stays at her mother’s house, she is quick to notice that things are strange. Her half-sister starts stealing flowers and gift from where Natalie’s dead body was found. During this time, Camille attends a party with Amma and she gives Camille OxyContin and Ecstasy. That same night after the two fell asleep, Camille had a dream about her dead sister, Marian, visits her and tells her that her mother’s house isn’t safe. The next morning, Camille wakes up feeling very ill.

After being fed a blue pill by her mother, she gets up to go check on Amma, who is laying on the floor naked. Camille then finds out that her mother was the person killing all the innocent girls, including Marian. Being shook up about the discovery, Camille goes to a bar and ends up hooking up with John Keene, Natalie’s brother. After Camille gets home, her mother gives her some bluish milk and she becomes sick. Camille goes to the nearest hospital and starts demanding for her sister’s files. Here, she finds notes written by a nurse who found Adora, Camille’s mother, very odd.

The nurse had suspected that Adora had Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, which is where a caregiver makes up or causes an illness or injury to a person under his or her care. This is a form of child abuse or elder abuse. After returning home, Adora invites Camille up to her room and gives her a drink. When Camille wakes up, she feels sick once again. Adora fixes Camille a bath and after being fed more blue pills and blue milk, she falls asleep in the tub. When she is abruptly awoken by Richard, who is on the other side of the door, bursts through the door claiming that Adora had a lot of medication in her room, and all of them could be found in Camille’s body.

Soon after, Adora is arrested and Amma is put into Camille’s. Amma doesn’t like the way Camille is taking care of her, and asks Camille to take care of her like Adora would take care of her. A short while after, Amma’s new friend, Lily, is found dead with teeth missing. When Camille looks inside of Amma’s dollhouse she finds teeth being used to make the floor of a room. Since the discovery happened, the case was reopened and Amma confessed that she and a couple of her friends had killed the girl. Adora is charged with murder for the death of Marian and Amma is put in a juvenile detention center. Camille relapses, cutting herself om the last unscarred place on her body.

Gillian Flynn’s, Sharp Objects, was published on September 26, 2006. The book doesn’t say what time period is being portrayed, but we can assume that it is the twenty-first century. We can assume this because of advanced technology and dialect.

In Sharp Objects, Gillian addresses multiple issues. Some of these issues include, self-harm, abuse, and trauma. In the book, Camille is a self-abuser. She has cuts from head to toe, except for a spot on her back. In Gillian’s novel, a lot of abuse went down. Adora, Camille’s mother, had slowly killed her daughter by poisoning her. Camille remembers the death of her sister, and starts cutting at the mere age of thirteen. During this time, suicidal death is constantly growing. It is currently the third leading cause of death for you adults ranging from fifteen to twenty-four years old.

The are some connections throughout the book that stood out. One of the connections was the fact that in both novels, they had a female villain or protagonist. In Gone Girl the protagonist was Amy Dunne, the lady who made people believe that a lot of people were responsible for her disappearance. In Sharp Objects, the main protagonist is Adora Crellin, who is the mother slowly poisoning her kids. In Gillian’s stories, she is trying to say that you can’t fully trust the people around you, family or not. In Gone Girl, Nick’s wife, Amy, disappeared out of nowhere and everyone pointed fingers at him.

In Gillian’s novel, Sharp Objects, Adora is Camille’s mother and she feeds Camille and Amma poisons to slowly kill them. Both of these novels are really thrilling because of her writing techniques and a boiling plot. Gillian likes to add one problem after the next, making the pile endless. A weakness of Gillian’s would be focusing on the sub plots for too long and slow transitions. I would recommend both of these novels to anyone who likes to guess the end of the book, because of their unexpected endings. I would also recommend any of the books to anyone who likes drama, and thrillers.

In conclusion, you should always be cautious about who you associate with, because anybody could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Not everyone is innocent, and not everyone has good intentions.


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