Ways Pets Help You

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Having a pet is beneficial to humans for many reasons. The obvious reason is having a companion, and while that is great, there are more serious reasons why pets are helpful. These reasons relate to our mental and physical health. They can help with relieving depression and anxiety, increasing muscle tone, and detecting cancer. In our world today, depression and even cancer are a common threat to everyday life, pets not only help reduce these issues, but motivate us to reduce these issues ourselves.

While cats might not seem useful to some, astronauts, elderly people or any of the more than 200 million people with osteoporosis, loss of bone density, will beg to differ (Stier). As cats purr at a frequency of 25 to 150 hertz, various investigators have proven that frequencies in this range can improve bone structure, density, and muscle tone. (Lyons) This is incredibly useful to astronauts, as they lose bone density 12 times faster than an elderly person, and in space it is incredibly hard to make and keep bone density. Their purr is made between the laryngeal and the diaphragmatic muscles in an intermittent pattern. Cats purr not only to express their happiness, but also to make you happy, by giving you strong bones.

Pets are also extremely significantly helpful for one of the most common problems out there; stress. Stress is a common dilemma for many people in a range of age groups, for an example, the 7th and 8th years are stressed about grades, and making sure they get everything done, while the teachers are stressed about having to look after them and grade everything. Dogs help with stress by getting you to exercise, and showing you love no matter what. Cats purring also helps relieve stress, as it has an extremely calming effect. Stress is a incredibly and increasingly big problem in the modern world, but it doesn’t have to be.

Depression is also a huge issue, but it is also something that pets can help with. Pets help with depression in a similar way to stress, but with a small difference. As an example, Leila was depressed because one of her dogs died, if she got a new dog, it wouldn’t make everything go away, but it would make a significant difference. Or, if someone was depressed because they felt like they had no one, a pet that shows undying love and compassion would help a lot. Even something like a turtle, or frog, or mouse, anything can help get you out of that dark place. Some people have never met depression, and maybe they never will, but if you have, a furry, or scaly, or feathered friend can help.


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