Uniforms Should Be In Schools

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You might think that school uniforms are bad and boring because you have to wear the same thing every day that’s the same colour, but are uniforms really that bad? Today I will show you why I think uniforms should be in schools.

My first reason is because it will lessen bullying. If everybody wears the same clothes, bullying will lessen because everyones wearing the same clothes so you can’t bully someone on their clothes! According to creditdonkey.com “Aside from the reduced expense associated with uniforms, educators agree that they offer plenty of other positives. Around 85% argue that it reduces the need for discipline in the classroom while 79% say it promotes an increased sense of student safety.”

My second reason is because people will focus less on their clothes since everyone is wearing the same thing. And if people want to look more creative they can add their own parts like different hair styles, nail polish, bandana, a watch, glasses, etc.

My third reason is because it will speed up people’s morning routines, instead of kids taking time to figure out what clothes to wear, they can just go to their closet or where they put their clothes, grab their uniform, put it on, and go. Because of this, less people will be late to school, more people have time for other stuff like breakfast, finishing homework, etc It’s also easier because there’s only two parts of clothing you have to grab, which are your shirt/jacket and pants/skirt.

My fourth reason is because it’s easier to enforce than a dress code. With dress codes, you have to take what could be a lot of time to find clothes that follow your school dress code, with uniforms you do not because you only have one thing to wear aka as i said earlier, making your morning routine faster, easier, And overall much more efficient to have and use.

A counterclaim for people who think they shouldn’t because students don’t get to show their inner self as much is that because it’s blank you can add creativity like i said, nailpolish, bandana, watches, glasses, etc.

Overall I think schools should have uniforms because they are smart, can help kids learn,easy, and efficient.

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