Wearing the Uniforms for School

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In todays society most of the arguments in schools are against school uniforms. Because they say that it takes away the rights of the students to express themselves. Yes , school uniforms may limit to what students want to wear , but he or she can still have ways of self-expression.

The students can still self-express their style by the way their hair is done and also, what accessories they add. Even their choice of shoes are a form of self-expression. Just because you can’t wear the most fashionable outfit to school, or the trendiest look does not mean that the students’ rights are taken away from them. As I myself believe that school is a Place to learn. Outside Of school you do and wear whatever you want. I ask myself this question all the time I wonder how it will be if this school had uniform polices. I believe that Schools should have uniforms because they are good for Different reasons as well as for the students.

When wearing the uniforms for school it will help build a sense of unity with everyone in the school. instead of having all the kids being on different teams everyone will be on the same team.Wearing school uniforms will free students of all the stress of choosing what they have to wear the day before school or even in the morning. School uniforms can help Improve students individuality and their self-esteem.

First, school uniforms can make all students feel the same. Because there are going to be some students who “feel bad about themselves or the state they or their families are in”(Serenity Rife-Barker middle school). The second thing that make school uniforms good is that clothing is less expensive and as (Principal Debbie Feemster) says “ you are able to identify non student and that if schools were more safer maybe more kids will show up and focus more on school less on what they are going to wear for school the next day”. (Principal Debbie) Also states that “uniforms lessen the difference between the rich and the poor”. As myself believe that having student wear uniform are preparing them for the work world. and that students are more likely to have a business-like attitude, wearing school uniforms promote efficiency and shows organization within the school.

While in school there will be no distractions and it will be a more welcoming environment due to the uniforms and the structure of the schools organization.Then I wonder why other people are against school uniforms. Others like (Kayla Campbell- barker middle school), she is against school uniforms because she believes that uniforms limits personality and does not allow you to express yourself. Which in my option she is wrong because uniforms don’t limit your personality it’s the way you act or even your attitude that limits your personality to others, there are different ways to express yourself without breaking the school dress code.

Another reason (Kayla) “ some may say that school uniforms keep students focus. but no most students are too busy on their phones”. With Kayla’s second reason I agree with that students are always on their phones while the teachers or professors are trying to teach something to the class. Other reasons that people have against uniforms are that they are a financial burden.

I ask myself how is it a financial burden, its not like your kid is asking for a two-hundred-dollar outfit. Your kid is simply asking for you to buy a shirt and some pants that’s it. or maybe your kid is a you to buy a skirt and a shirt. What really is the big deal I must say. There are stores out there that sale uniforms for an affordable price.

Where there you may be able to buy several uniforms and even some accessories for two hundred dollars. Or you may check with your school to see if they have a program where student bring in old close that don’t fit so then other student s can have them for there self’s .

While I myself and my siblings grow up being in catholic school are whole life where we had to wear uniforms which was not a problem for use being we did not have to deal with choosing out clothes for school or even having to make a last minute run to the mall because we forgot something.

While in catholic school we learned to give back to those more in need so at saint Michaels the archangel regional school. we decided to have families bring in the uniforms that no longer fit their kids or if their kid don’t not go to school there anymore.

With the uniforms that were giving to the school us students of saint Michael would separate and but into different bens so then students can go after school and get anything that they needed for them self or even a sibling.

In conclusion , these are all valid concerns by both sides, and it is expected that this debate will continues. However , it is important that we all weigh both sides to find strong reasons to continue having school uniforms or to have them abolish.

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