Understanding of Genetically Modified Food

Updated October 25, 2021

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Understanding of Genetically Modified Food essay

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Genetically modified (GM) foods are ingredients obtained from such type of organism which have been modified in terms of genes. Introduction of sophisticated genetic technology particularly do this. This genetic technology is extremely elegant compared to mutagenesis (mutation breeding), in which case the organism is subjected to additives to introduce perturbation which is fairly firm. There are several other technologies using which we can modify food organisms include selective breeding and somaclonal variation. (Fiester, 2006). So genetically modified foods are foods constituting of sequential gene, foods which erased sequential gene, and products obtained from genetically modified organisms

Essentially, summing of our needy genes in single system is hard work that needs extremely long time and more perception, containing of crossing a particular system to another system t of the same species or related species. From the perspective of economy and agriculture, it is extremely helpful yielding crops having much more rate of production, disease resistant, tolerant towards heat, cold and drought. Needful genes can produce means for plants to fill up all the necessity. The introduction of transgenic technology helps to choose genes from a number of living sources in the simplest way.

DNA composition is fixed within all organisms since amino acid form the DNA whose sequence is unaltered. But, alteration of this sequence of amino acid in terms of recombinant technology, molecular cloning and genetic engineering or improved technologies can be elegant way to modify the food. Two enzymes are really helpful regarding this, the first one is restriction Enzyme which it Helps in deleting DNA sequence from a particular Genome, and the second one is DNA Ligases which helps in pasting to another genome.

Transportation of one DNA to other

  • Search an Organism containing needful trait
  • Isolation of the gene sequence
  • Allowing the growth of the manufactured cell into a plant
  • Let the plant to increase
  • DNA is transported by a vector which is thought to be a gene vector like bacteria and virus.

Genetically modified food products

  1. SUGAR BEETS: Helps to modify production.
  2. TOMATO: altered for only one reason: to make them last longer.
  3. GOLDEN RICE: Helps to fill the vitamin A deficiency
  4. SOYBEAN: Helps to prevent herbicides
  5. SQUASHES: Helps to prevent viral diseases
  6. OILS: Also helps to prevent herbicides.
  7. LEMATOES: Mixed thing produced by the genes of lemon and tomatoes.

Malnutrition is very much general thing in third world countries. There people actually is very much dependent on a particular crop like although it is not a good crop which can fulfil all the required nutrition. The beauty of GM food is that if somehow rich is manufactured genetically by the engineering, it can fulfil all the required nutrition with vitamins, minerals etc (Herman, R. A., and Price, W. D. 2013).

Today, biotechnology takes an important role for the discovery of new scientific issues in the research field of agricultural, pharmaceutical, environmental etc. Production of horticultural and farm plants showing high resistance to viruses, funguses, insects, pests and inappropriate environmental conditions such as salinity, frost, draught and heat stress has been possible. Also, GM products can be used for production of industry and pharmaceutical compounds such as vaccines, antibodies, organic vitamins and amino acids. Moreover, biotechnology may be extremely skilled in the era of environment in yielding various fuels like methane, removal of various pollutants, and searching potent ingredients in order to good refinement polluted soils (Uzogara, 2000). Skilled yield of extremely good quality of foods in terms of taste and flavour, increased time and nutritional value has really been improved by the introduction of modern biotechnology; So, we can call it as a biggest step in developing countries.

Although it is very much encouraging in now days to produce more GM food, but still a much more important and remarkable question is whether this GM food is sufficient enough to prevent the world. Per Pinstrup-Anderson argues, “Misguided anti-science ideology and failure by governments to prioritize agricultural and rural development in developing countries brought us the food crisis.” He strongly explained that whatever the problems we are dealing with now those are not only due to unavailability of enough resources, but also whether the whole mankind will alter their behaviour.


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Understanding of Genetically Modified Food essay

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