Understanding an Organization’s Culture at Google

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In the company Google it is seen that the employees are very happy and comfortable with their work since they have many ways of being distracted. Which could be in the restaurant with free food, in the massage service, in the place they have to rest, the swimming pool, the sport courts, among other activities. Not only are they free to make use of these services for free, they also cover needs such as exclusive transportation every day.

Thanks to these incredible services, workers interact with each other and build better ideas. It should be noted that the priority of Google is that they are in a pleasant environment to improve the ability to work and thus be able to provide better ideas.

I think that the type of culture that Google has is People Oriented Culture since it has medical attention, creative profits that I mentioned before, and most important they make us see that the priority of them is that the workers are in an environment that is good enough to improve the ability to work and thus be able to provide better ideas without having to be in a tense and strict environment. The company has two main advantages: Equity of support and respect of individual rights.

In Microsoft’s Company is noticed that employees understand each other perfectly as they carry out trainings to get to know each other better and develop new ideas. Thanks to the fact that they have a good relation, they can give a more professional service in order to provide the best attention for clients.

I believe that in this company the team-oriented culture is carried out because they communicate very well among themselves. This means that they can have better results when working as a team.

The similarity between these companies is the good relationship between employees. For example, Google, which is a company that provide spaces for them to spend time together, as well as Microsoft that have special captions. Given this in point about the two companies, having a good relationship between employees is one of the keys to success.

Notably, the organizations are different in the way that Google gives a lot of freedom to its employees while Microsoft is a little stricter since they do not have so many free times. The priority of Google is that workers feel more comfortable, and for Microsoft is to maintain a good relationship between employees and work easily as a team. It is important to be able to identify and understand organization cultures because it tells you the way in how a company treat workers.

As some of them can be very strict and require a fixed schedule, others give you many services for your comfort and freedom of schedule. Also it is important to know that they influence a lot in your way of thinking and solving problems.

For example, if you are a creative person who likes to experience new things and used to changes but unfortunately there are organizations that are against this. In conclusion, if you are not in an organization that helps you to grow in your work field, no matter how much you like your career, you may not like the way you work and it may lead you to quit.

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