Travelling Alone and With Tour Argumentative Essay

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Travelling is one of the most important activities for everybody life. Only staying at home is boring and I think that no one will stay at home the entire life. Some just want to travel somewhere that is near to their house or somewhere just in the country, but some want to visit in other country. We have many different kind of travelling example the kind of travelling like adventure or romantic, high class or low class, long travelling or short travelling. This is some kind of it that we can use to compare.

Another kind that I will use to compare is travelling with organize tour and travelling alone. It will be compare in the situation that you will travel in a foreign country because we not find so much different when we travel in your country. When we travelling in another country almost everyone will think that which is better alone or with tour especially when you go for the first time.

The big different of them that we know is travelling alone we need to go alone all the trip but travelling with tour is going by group but we also can go alone too in this trip. However, they are many different things and the same things about the both of them that we don’t know the details yet. Planning the trip can be compare and contrast about it. When we travelling alone we need to plan by our self. Sometimes it can cause you a stress or sometimes it have problem with your plan. Going with tour you just look at their plan and know what you need to do. Let the tour plan cause less problem about the program because somehow they are doing this for many years and they already know what to do.

The problem is if we have some problem and we go with tour sometimes we can have an argument with the tour but if we go alone there’s no one to argue with so you know it’s your fault and we will not cause a problem in this trip. Another thing is about the social in the tour. When we go alone we can only talk with our friends or families which we are doing everyday but going with tour we can find another social group which can share ideas with each other.

The next thing is going alone you can choose your way or your styles in travelling. It is more freedom and it also can let you discovered yourself. Going with tour have less freedom and you need to follow them instead of follow your styles. Other things is experience that we get from travelling the first time.

When we go for the first time sometimes we don’t want to go with the strangers we just want to go with friends or families. When we have some problem and we can solve it after the tour it will gonna be one of the most important memory in your life. The same thing that they both have is when we go to other country we need money to get to their even in the organize tour is more expensive but it is only a little bit. Other things is transportations. Even when we go alone we can choose our transportation by our own but it is almost the same transportation that we use to get to another places.


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Is it better to travel alone or with a tour group?
Travelling alone can often be risky, especially if you are travelling to a foreign country. There are chances that you might get thugged or run in a trouble. And if you are alone, you cannot immediately reach out for help. On the other hand, group travel offers you safety and immediate help .
Is it cheaper to travel with a tour or alone?
It depends on the tour and where you are traveling. Generally, tours are more expensive than traveling alone.
Is it OK to take trips by yourself?
Yes, it is okay to take trips by yourself. In fact, many people enjoy taking solo trips as it allows them to travel at their own pace and do what they want without having to coordinate with others.
Should I travel with a tour group?
People can change and grow apart, or have a disagreement that causes tension.
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