Benefits of Travelling Argumentative Essay

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Many people ask, “What is Travel in Literature?” But seem to not understand, it is what it says, its literature about travel. It a writing about the experiences faced along the journey. Traveling is traveling, no matter if it’s in a book or in real life, it all tells a story behind traveling. When we want to get away, we travel. When we want to have fun and live life, we travel. When we want to see more of the world, we travel.

And when we want to find our true selves, we travel. No matter where we travel we learn along the way. We all travel for a great amount of reasons which brings us to why it gives us purpose. Many people never stop to think how traveling has affected ones change in life, identity, or values. I believe that traveling helps one live a better life, escape from their past, and get away to see and experience life in this huge world. Traveling means more than just going to different places.

It’s about seeing the world like never before. It’s about finding things about yourself that you never knew. It’s about finding the meaning of life itself. Not only is traveling about living your best life but it also gives people a reason to escape their own identity. It helps one escape from who they are, where they come from, or even how they just simply want a change. Traveling gives us many benefits of why we do it and why we want to. Not only do we find that people travel in real life but we also see it at all types of books. These books tell us a story behind the experience of traveling and how it was beneficial.

Traveling is very beneficial for all types of reasons such as how it benefits the human body by improving our health and wellness and relieving stress by giving us relaxation. Traveling is beneficial to improving relationships with yourself and others. Travel also benefits how we find who we really are or run from what we’re trying to hide. Traveling is like a book, the more you turn to the next page the more your learning and experiencing. Flipping these pages continue the journey’s to your accomplishments, what you want out of life, and who you strive to be. Traveling has a true purpose.

Throughout my research I’ve learned how traveling has many reasons of how it benefits the human body. In the article, Health and Wellness Benefits of Travel Experiences A Literature Review, authors Chun Chu Chen and James Petrick states, “It has been found that taking vacations can contribute to subjective well-being because people have more opportunities to detach from their work environment, to experience new things, and to control what they want to do during vacations.” Traveling is beneficial to the human for the reason that it gives a person a break from work and relaxes the body.

It allows one to get away from the pains and be able to experience and do what they want. The authors began with the recent studies of how tourism has paid more attention to the benefits of a travel experience. They appointed to how the research attempts to provide a comprehensive review of the literature on the health and wellness benefits of travel. They also appointed that positive effects of travel experiences on perceived health and wellness have been demonstrated by multiple studies.

Detaching from work will also allow a person to feel free from the work environment and enjoy life while their health enough to enjoy it. In another article, Tourism Experiences as a Stress Reliever, authors Chun Chu Chen and James Petrick states, “ With one of the most important motivational forces for tourism experiences being to escape from routine and stressful environment, it is postulated that taking a leisure trip can help individuals to recover from work stress and increase their psychological well beings.” Traveling is a way for people to relieve stress from their personal life and workspace.

Its something we need for our body to function so that stress wouldn’t build up and take over. The authors began with implying how the effect recovery theory ( Meijman and Mulder 1998) suggest that taking a leisure trip provides opportunities for relaxation, detachment from work, and mastery experiences, and personal control. Tourism recovery experiences have positive effects on life satisfaction. It has been revealed that even a three day trip can help people to recover from stress, while learning longer trips provide more opportunities for recovery experiences.

In the article, How Travelling Benefits Your Brain, author Emma Lavelle states, “Travelling to new and enriching places isn’t a cure for mental illness.” Even though Lavelle stated that is shows how traveling the world isn’t the answer for everything. The author begins with how surprising amount of studies effects that travelling to rural parts of the world can have on your brain. She also implies how traveling can make your life happier. Not everywhere id good for the brain but traveling away far away from the stresses of jobs, mortgages and everyday life is beneficial. Everything that you experience, traveling helps to widen the mind, especially when learning to adapt to new situations.


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