The Witchery of Story: Brief Book Summary

Updated August 31, 2021

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The Witchery of Story: Brief Book Summary essay

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In “The Witchery of Story”, Jonathan Gottschall emphasizes what it’s like for the mind to imagine a story. Gottschall gives many intriguing thoughts regarding the matter of stories and their significance. He incorporates his thoughts and identifies them with development. He talks about the delight individuals get from narrating. Gotschall approaches upon the prospect that narrating as fantasies and imaginative play, offers us the chance to escape reality and do what we couldn’t do in reality.

Although a lot of Gotschall’s idea’s come from his personal observations, he helps me understand how stories work and how powerful they can interact with someone. In the Preface, for example, Gotschall talks about the meaning behind writing this book saying “The idea for this book came to me with a song.(xiv)” The song gave so much emotion which then reflected off of Gotschall. A story doesn’t have to be a book or an article, it can be as simple as a sad song. It’s beautiful how in any way a story can interact with us.

I discovered his dialogue of kids and their imaginative play exceedingly captivating. As Gotschall mentions “But Peter Pan stays in Neverland. He won’t grow up. (7)”, I engaged myself along these lines all through a large portion of my childhood. I would claim to be a princess or an individual who is lost in no man’s land. It is astonishing the profundities of darkness that a child’s brain can accomplish. Considerably more, it is astonishing how early stories are a piece of mankind. One of the principal exercises that kids can take part in is imagine play. As we develop, the tales essentially change.

Fantasies might be a piece of why kids play and dream about dull themes, however, struggle, in some structure, is something that people will dependably search out and this isn’t awful. This world needs conflict solvers. People need confounds. They need a collision. It would exhaust for a kid to imagine that everything is flawless. What might they do? They would look for experience and in that experience would discover strife.

Another captivating case Gotschall makes is that narrating is hugely incredible. I do agree with him here. Legal advisors and writers utilize this within their lives. A political applicant can be destroyed by an article depicting them in a negative light. A court case can be won by the intensity of a showy behavior. People interface with stories. In this way, stories have the ability to grab hold of our perception.

The Witchery of Story: Brief Book Summary essay

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