Classic Song “My Girl”

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How can one writer put all his love in one song? William Smokey Robinson along with Ronald White did when he wrote the song “My Girl”. The song being released 56 years ago reached top charts in less than a year and took the hearts of all their fans including Robinson’s wife. Expressing the writer’s feelings for his wife, the song uses plenty literary techniques and elements to explain the amount of adoration he had and the happiness he was given by her. This classic song will forever be known as the song about one man’s unconditional love.

Starting off, the writers of the song use the main chorus as a way to show the listener about the main idea of the poem. The chorus being “My girl, my girl, my girl. Talkin’ bout’ my girl, my girl” is a consonant and an alliteration. The use of this is to portray the image of who the song is meant for. It shows how the woman in the song is someone important enough to the writer in order for them to use repetition and alliteration which is generally used to catch the attention of the reader and/or listener. Everyone at one point in their lives gets a song stuck in their head but it is usually just one section of the song not the whole song itself so the many writers use this to place the main idea of the song in a way that the reader’s mind will remember it. The writers did this in order to make it something that the reader would most likely remember most of the song as well.

Secondly, the song lyrics “I’ve got so much honey the bees envy me” is a metaphor and uses personification. The point of those lyrics is to show the reader his feelings about his wife. In this case, he says that his honey, being his wife, makes the bees envy him although bees are not proven to have the capability of envy. This quotation shows that he is beyond joyful as well as grateful for her and shows his great admiration for his girl. The reader can relate to that in which most people know that bees are known for honey and the writers use that to portray the feelings of the woman in a literal sense.

The singer very well portrays the admiration for this person and the writers used many ways to show the immense love and gratefulness such as “I’ve got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees”. The writers used that specific wording to show that the woman the song is meant is caring of him and also shows the love for him that he has for her in a metaphor. The quotation compares his wife, as a song, to the songs that the birds sing. In this meaning he is saying that although the songs of birds are “sweet” his “song”, being his wife, is sweeter or better than anything to him. The writers used those lyrics because many people can imagine a bird in the morning chirping because they have seen or heard it at one point in their lives and they usually use that as a positive memory. The writers use that to portray a positive tone to the song in which the reader can understand.

Another important part of the song would be when he depicts the image of a cold winter day turning in a day in May being spring time. “When it’s cold outside I see the month of May” This quotation gives yet another way of saying how much importance she is to him. The writer’s intention on saying this would be that a cold day isn’t ideal for him but he admires spring time so whenever he is with her, she makes him feel as if he were in the season in which he adores with the woman he adores.

Throughout the song, the writers make sure that all the lyrics including “I don’t no money, fortune, or fame. I’ve got all the riches one-man can claim.” This being one of the major rhyme schemes’ in the song is also a metaphor. The writers are comparing the woman the song was dedicated to, to riches. The writers meant that even without the things that most humans strive for, being money, fortune, or fame, he is grateful for his riches being his wife and doesn’t need anything else but her.

“I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day”. This quotation is the ending and beginning of the song showing its importance because it is the first and one of the last things the audience will hear which will be leave an impact on the audience. The quote uses imagery to paint the picture of his wife being the person that brightens his day and makes him happy whenever he’s feeling gloomy. This also relates to the theme because it shows how important she is to him. It let’s the audience relate because many people know that not anything can make you happy during sad times.

The whole song is one huge rhyme scheme. From the beginning to the end the writers managed to make everything run smoothly in a rhyme. The purpose for that was to lure the listener in because most of the general population appreciates when anything runs smoothly and they find it intriguing. The song uses that to their advantage to catch the attention of the listener and so they end up paying attention more to the lyrics rather than recent songs which listeners tend to remember mostly the beat. The writers wanted the listeners to remember the lyrics because the song itself was important to them as it was being dedicated to someone very important in their lives.

William Smokey Robinson and Ronald White wrote a classic song which hit the billboard 100 as number one and they did a spectacular job at it using things that the general population can relate to in order to portray their feelings. The song was written in response to the song “My guy” which was a very popular song at the time as well. The song “My Girl” was made to show the wholehearted and immense admiration and love he had for one girl and it was depicted with a great amount of thought.


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