The Pursuit of Happyness – a Life Story

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The Pursuit of Happyness – a Life Story essay
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“Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something — even me”, – Chris Gardner to his son, Chirstopher Gardner.

The pursuit of happyness depicts a life story of perseverance, patients, hard work and a father\’s love for his son. The movie was very honest about the realities of life. People making wrong decisions in life, the struggles of providing for a family, failed marriage, the struggle of finances, and working your way up to the social ladder to success. It is truly an inspiring movie of rugs to riches showing how eager Chris was to succeed to be part of Dennis Witter brokerage. From selling those portable bone- scanners for a living, he was encouraged to be a broker thinking it will be his way of helping his family get through the hard times. Though it wasn’t an easy step, but those challenges didn’t stop him from giving his son a better life. After being left by his wife, a lot of rejections from possible clients, he didn\’t backed down thinking “I can’t do this”, instead he said I will do this” and faced all those trial heads on.

Chris is a very extraordinary man, he was smart and driven and wouldn’t let go of things until he have it done. He is truly an inspiration, after all that he has been through I almost thought he was going to give up, but then he didn’t. Instead he got everything in place, even more through his hard work and perseverance. Now he is a multimillionaire worth $60 million dollars. As they say, “Life’s a roller coaster, hold on tight”

The movie was a great one as it presented a true to life story of a struggling singles father and son to have a good life in San Francisco back in 1980’s. Therefore I have concluded that you have to believe in yourself even if others don’t. You have your own dream that that you must protect, don’t let others dictate you on what you should do and what you should be. Those setbacks should not stop you from rising, be it the reason for you to persist more and achieve the desired success you wanted from the beginning.

The Pursuit of Happyness – a Life Story essay

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