The Pressures of Being a Single Mother

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What are single mothers? What are the pressures women face being the only parent daily? How can single mothers utilize resources? A single mother is one who becomes a victim to society. Being a Single mother is not necessarily due to a man’s abandonment, it is also in cases when the father passes away or is incarcerated. It is not easy being a single mother. Making a child’s life as good as possible is a mother’s goal. The pressures of being a single mother start to form when one must become financially responsible, starts to experience social isolation, and when one is trying to purse higher education.

One pressure of being a single mother is being financially responsible. Does being financially responsible mean that one must scrimp and save? Not having enough money can cause one to be financially unbalanced. One cannot do some of the things most family’s do with their children who have both parents. Although a single mother may often have to neglect oneself, it is important to know how to budget.

Keeping control of spending habits allows one to use decision making when it comes to the importance of the child, even when one is afraid to say no to the child. Making a list is necessary for a mother to cut out these adjustments. For instance, a mother who is considering saving for child care should cut out extravagant shopping habits. Another adjustment would be for a mother to make a suggested meal plan. This would help cut out expensive weekly eating habits.

Another pressure of being a single mother starts when one starts to experience social isolation. What is social isolation? What are the effects of social isolation? Social isolation happens when one becomes disconnected. A mother may develop social isolation due to rapid weight gain. Rapid weight gain often causes stress that is an effect of social isolation. Affected mothers may find themselves feeling self-conscious or shunned. Social isolation can start from being let down after a situation. Maybe a mother expected a relative to continuously pick the child up from school on their way home. Due to lack of support a mother can start to feel like one should become distant.

A third pressure occurs when a mother is trying to purse higher education. How can a mother make time to study? Are there resources available on campus for mothers? Higher education is important. Single mothers should take notes on how to balance their time. For example, if a mother is pursuing a higher education, prioritizing of time for study to ensure academic success is just one of the few. It is crucial for a mother to make time for homework and the child.

One may have to schedule child care, around a school schedule. Single mothers may face this weekly. Some colleges tend to have onsite campus child care, while if child care is not available a mother must provide her own. Many single mothers often face finding transportation to and from school. Carpooling to school can sometimes eliminate this situation. While if not eliminated a mother will experience accumulative absences. As a result, this can result in one failing a course or being dropped from classes.

Finally, it may be concluded that one faces numerous obstacles which are encountered by being a single mother. Single mothers lack appropriate resources. It is more beneficial to be raised by both parents. However, the unfortunate circumstance of being a single mother that must worry about the issue of being financially responsible, social isolation and trying to pursue higher education is a tough cookie to swallow. “According to” Fredrick Douglass “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

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