The Last Penny for Pets

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The author of “The last meow”, Burkhard Bilger, published by The New Yorker, argues that spending excessive amounts of money on our pets is wrong. How people’s love affair with their pets has gotten out of control and that people are spending too much money on their pets. How cities make pet specific areas and how people do special things for their pets that they do not do for themselves. I agree with Bilger as pets are being cared for more than our own well-being, and that it has gotten out of control since they do not even live that long. Whenever a pet dies. it is a sad thing but we did get over it.

However, according to Bilger, Americans may be going too far to help their pets live a long time. Bigger says that ‘Our love affair with our pets has gotten out-of-control.’ We Americans must develop a more reasonable perspective about the role of pets in our lives. According to Bilger, Americans are spending up to ’47 billion, nearly three times as much as the federal government spends on welfare grants.’

Citizens who have been laid off of work or need food stamps must be discouraged by a figure like this. In fact. what would a homeless person think when a pet spoiled by their owner walks by in a thousand dollar sweater? With so many urgent needs in the world, we should check our priorities when it comes to providing dentistry, fashion, and psychotherapy for dogs. Americans love to spend their money so that everyone else can see it. This is a consumer culture.

Might Americans simply be overdoing it in a whole lot of areas not just with their pets? I do understand that people have a right to spend their money as they see fit and that people greatly love their pets, however. I also wonder if their spending is a way to put on a good show or even a symptom of people’s isolation. For those people who live in a major city like New York. maybe they don’t have sufficiently good relationships with other humans, maybe pets replace those relationships because it’s hard to have a long-term relation-ship with the doorman in your building.

No wonder they are willing to spend so much money. I do believe that the money we invest in pets could be better invested elsewhere, such as health care and hunger relief. Since we only have so much time with our beloved pets, we should have the best experience with them as possible, live life to the fullest before they are gone. Spoiling them with flavorful food and vacations are great. Pets make us happy when they are happy, although they can make us feel sad when they are in pain.When the time comes, we need to learn simply to let go. We could spend our money on greater things than pets.

A tiny surgery such as fixing a finger on a pet seems fine to me, but when it comes to a heart transplant, I would have to think twice and outweigh the pros with the many cons, as I would possibly need the money for one myself or a loved one in the future. It is out of control when you spend more money on your pets than you would spend on yourself in the next 10 years.

The economy would be better now if we had people with better judgment on how they set their priorities on spending. Some people barely make it put food on the table for their family, yet a pet owner can put a meal bigger than their own for a pet, that is most likely smaller in body mass index than the owner.

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