The Importance Of Dream Interpretation

Updated July 30, 2022

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The Importance Of Dream Interpretation essay

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Since I personally feel like I don’t really dream, or if I do I don’t remember them, I chose to ask my cousin Kinsley about some of her dreams. The dream starts just outside a creepy haunted looking house, and she decided to go inside to explore. As she walked around the house she had a weird feeling that a man was following her. She knew that the man was intending to kidnap or rape her, so she began to run and went down one of the hallways in the house. She turned the corner at the end of the hallway and found an axe. Kinsley waited with the axe in her hands for the strange man to come around the corner and when he did she axed him to death. She then left the house and waiting outside was BTS, a kpop group that she is a fan of. She suddenly had a bad fever and BTS took care of her and told her everything would be okay and that is when she woke up.

For this dream I chose to search for an analysis of “murder in dreams.” The first website I chose was Learning Mind. The author of the article Janey Davies states that “dreams about murder are more often than not sending a powerful message to our consciousness.” The message usually happens because of an intense event is happening, having feelings of hatred towards someone, something in your life leaving, and sometimes even feelings of guilt. In Davies article she talks about a study that showed that people who dream about murdering others are often more aggressive and irritable. The second website I chose for the analysis is Bustle. Gabrielle Moss, the author of this article, says that “Dreams that you’re a murderer are common among people who are feeling depressed, and they can often signal repressed aggression or rage at yourself or at someone.’ They also say that dreaming of murdering something could be you moving on or letting go of something. Both of these analysis’ seem pretty similar in that they say people who dream about murdering someone can be hostile. I think that this is a fair assumption considering that murder is a very brutal and aggressive action. When I asked Kinsely if either of these analyses were accurate she told me that she can sometimes be easily irritable and she might have some repressed anger. Although those points seemed accurate she doesn’t think that any of this information will guide her future decisions.

The second dream is also from my cousin Kinsley. This dream starts out with her in her dining room. When she looks out the window she sees people flying around outside. Kinsley climbed onto the dining room table then jumped off to see if she could fly too. Unfortunately she fell. When she looked out the window again she realized that it seemed as if they were gliding in the wind, so she went outside. Once outside she jumped into the air and actually levitated for a little bit, but fell right back to the ground and she was awake after that.

For this dream the main focus was flying so I searched for the “meaning of flying dreams.” The first website I picked was Huff Post. Caitlin Brown, the author of the article, says “often times, though, flying represents a sense of freedom. Sumber explains that flying dreams serve as a sort of escape from the pressures of the real world.” Brown also explains that the dream could emphasize something happening in your life you are still unaware of. For the second website I chose Dream Dictionary. This website more specifically targets the meaning of having trouble flying which occured in Kinsley’s dream. The article states that “Having a tough time flying in your dreams suggest that someone or something is stopping you from moving to the next step in life.” It also suggests that who is in your dream, or where it occurred has an effect on the meaning. For example if you were alone in the dream then you should work on boosting your self confidence. Kinsley explained to me that the only thing that makes it feel like she can’t “move forward” is the difficult tests and such at school, but other than that she didn’t think that this related to her life.

In conclusion, one of the reasons I think people believe dream analysis is that some of the analysis end up being relatable to a large sum of people as well. Meaning when people read about why they are dreaming general results that everyone sometimes feel or experience come back and make them think ”wow that does sound like me.” I also think that some people just like to be provided with an explanation to some of the unanswered questions about a their dreams.

The Importance Of Dream Interpretation essay

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