The Complexity of Progress

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As mentioned on the video, as the world advances to a higher level of understanding things, people were also expected to be able to understand more complex ideas. The more the people understand the ideas of how a system works and how it progressed, the more the people will be exposed to a more complex thinking.

Studying the history of how science and technology has been through the past years is important because it also played a big part of our history. The systems and complex ideas that are revolving in our everyday life has its history and for us to better understand how the system works, we must know how it was created. The simple things that turned into more complex systems has given us the opportunity to have a better way of life. In order to repay the benefits that we are receiving, we must learn how does the system works for us to be more knowledgeable in using it for the betterment of our life. Knowing its history is also knowing the proper way of handling it and lessen people that use it in a wrong way.

Knowing the history of science and technology gives us some events that has a big effect on our history. There are many products of science and technology that have affected (in goof way or bad) the way things are. Understanding what a system have been through enables us to take advantage on using it to improve our way of living.


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