The Canterbury Tales Dinner Party Planning

Updated September 10, 2022

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The Canterbury Tales Dinner Party Planning essay

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The Canterbury Tales is written by Geoffrey Chaucer and he is also one of the characters in this story which is the one of the main characters, the story happened in the 14th century in the late 1380s and early 1390s. The characters are on a journey from London to Canterbury. This story was also written in middle English too.

So, what I want on my dining table is delicious food, good people to seat each other and do funny things and argue each other. And my 11 characters are knight, Cook, Doctor, Clerk, Friar, prioress, Franklin, Squire, Lady of Bath, Merchant.

So, I placed squire next to lady bath because it will be fun to listen to their conversations, and the squire will be trying to harm lady bath because she is a hot woman and have experience with other men. After that I put squire and franklin next to each other because they like and enjoy happiness of human being and they can create some conflict between this dinner party and it sounds like they will be friends together at the end of the story.

Then I placed the prioress next to them because they have an entirely different character. The prioress is very proper and correct. He also has very good manners, since they both are different it will be fun to see they both sitting each other. Then I planned to make prioress and Friar each other. I did this because they are same with their attitude and measure things each other. Also, they talk about their woks and religious belief, and I see a small part of conflict between them.

Then I placed clerk opposite to prioress because it will be a good contest the reason is because they both are well mannered and educated persons. They may have a lot of things to talk each other because they both run a institution. They may both get together because they have so many similarities. After them I decided to seat doctor and clerk each other because they are educated and love to talk loudly. Honestly, I don’t understand their conversations because they talk topics that are not related. Even if they have similarities, they both talk different topics and argue each other, this will be very unique to seat them together. “there was also a nun, a PRIORESS, who, in her smiling, modest was a coy, her greatest oath was, nut SAINT Eloy” (line 198-120)

So, after that I placed the cook next to the doctor because the cook has a sore on his knee so this will be a good time to let them talk about that problem. And I don’t think letting them sitting each other will be fun because they both are in different professions. Then I decided the summoner to seat with the cook because it will be funny to see how people react to them and the summoner is the one with pimply face so they could talk each other’s problem and I think their conversation will be really gross. And it will be better for them to talk without anyone else hearing because they may fell brazen while they eat the food.

And then I placed the knight next to the summoner because I feel like they both have a moral or standard between them. Also, the knight is very honorable and sleezy and very smart, he is also bad at the same time because he blackmails people and they both may boost the conversation.

After them I placed the merchant and knight each other because I don’t think they have any similarities or things to discuss so they can basically listen to others conversations and focus on them and they both may have a peace dinner without any disturbance also the knight has a high rank while the merchant is very rich and wealthy. “the knight there was, and what a gentlemen, who, from the moment he first began to ride out” (line 45-48). “there was a merchant with forked beard in motley grown” (line 222-224)

And then I decided lady bath and merchant sit together because lady bath is a woman who is really interested in men also merchant is very rich and wealthy. But merchant hates woman and he always think how bad relationships are. And lady bath will try to impress him because he is rich but I think he will disagree and it will be fun to watch that.

So, this is basically my dinner party planning with my 11 characters and delicious food. And I hope this party will be fun and a peace dinner.

The Canterbury Tales Dinner Party Planning essay

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The Canterbury Tales Dinner Party Planning. (2022, Jan 11). Retrieved from https://samploon.com/the-canterbury-tales-dinner-party-planning/


What is the host proposal in the prologue to The Canterbury Tales?
The Host proposes the tale-telling game at dinner the night before the pilgrims embark for Canterbury. In the morning of the pilgrims' departure, the Host wakes all the pilgrims up and gets them on the road. The Host has the pilgrims draw lots to decide who will go first, thus beginning the tale-telling game.
What is the main message of the Prologue of The Canterbury Tales?
The General Prologue to The Canterbury Tales is an estates satire . In the Host's portraits of the pilgrims, he sets out the functions of each estate and satirizes how members of the estates – particularly those of the Church – fail to meet their duties.
What was the plan of Canterbury Tales?
Chaucer planned the stories before he wrote them but he did not finish his plan. He planned that each character would tell four stories: two while going to Canterbury and two while returning to London . If Chaucer had finished, he would have written 120 stories.
Why did the Franklin go on the pilgrimage?
Franklin goes on the pilgrimage to show his people that his house is so well stocked with food and fine wines that it seems to "snow mete and drink" .
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