The Attempt to Take Down A Part of Our History

Updated May 12, 2022

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The Attempt to Take Down A Part of Our History essay

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A little over two years ago, four people came forth and said that the cross in Bayview Park offended them and they wanted it to be taken down. This is not what should be done. The main reason being that the cross has played a big role in Pensacola’s history. Dating back to over seven decades ago, in 1941, the Jaycees, a community service group in Pensacola put up the cross before the United States went into the World War II. Since then, the cross has been used for countless events, such as Easter Sunrise Services, Memorial Day, Veterans Day. The cross was not put in place for a specific denomination, it was simply put there to bring people together in the community during the war.

People object the cross because they say it offends them because it supposedly only represent Christianity, but this is not the case at all. Anyone can make the cross stand for whatever they want it to, but not once was it said to represent only Christianity. This also takes the separation of church and state into play, the state is not supposed to get involved with religious matters, because they could potentially show more favor to one religion over another. While some people may want the cross taken down because it offends them, the cross has played a significant role in Pensacola’s history, and has been around for decades. Taking it down would only have a negative impact on our community and a piece of our history would be gone for forever.

For my research plan I am going to be using mostly newspaper articles, all except for one will be taken from online sources, this is because, for the most part, any information on this topic can only be found on the internet. I have already tried to find books, and even articles in the university library but was unsuccessful in finding any. I think that the newspaper articles will be very reliable and will help me find the best information. Looking at some articles, quite a few of them show both sides of the argument. Every article so far has quoted someone from an interview they had with that person, the people interviewed include reputable figures in our community like the Governor and Mayor. I am hoping to get the opportunity to interview someone and get their opinion on this topic and hopefully they would be able to answer some questions I have. I think I will get the most out of using newspaper articles because they have an immense amount of information on my topic for this paper.

For the three appeals, ethos, logos, and pathos. Starting with ethos, I will give an explanation of why the reader of the paper should listen to me and take me seriously. Sharing my background and beliefs will help the reader to understand why I believe the cross should stay where it is. When talking about my background I will share my experience of growing up in a Christian family and going to church from the time I was born. I will then give reasons as to what good can come out of the cross staying, and then they will see what we can accomplish by doing this. For logos, I will give them only logical facts and statements to support my argument. To make sure I have a strong argument, I will only get my facts from reliable sources. Lastly, for pathos I will use more emotion in this part of the paper and include a story or personal experience. Because when a paper includes a story that contains emotion it may help the reader relate to the story, then they are more likely to agree with what the paper, and reader has to say. I will be sure to spread out the three appeals evenly and not talk about them all at once.

The Attempt to Take Down A Part of Our History essay

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