Suffering of Women in Trifles and The Story of an Hour

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Women’s Suffering is a common theme that is explored in many pieces of literature. Trifles, by Susan Glaspell and The Story of an Hour, by Kate Chopin is no exception to this rule. These stories deeply analyze the women’s spousal role in a relationship during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Women were constantly thought of as being worth less than a man. Their opinions were always under valued, and till this day, women are one of the most oppressed people’s on earth. Both of these stories express the deep resentment men had forwards women who questioned positions of power.

In Trifles, a woman is a victim to a domestically violent relationship and she finally reacted. She murders her husband in a rage, and is eventually charged with murder. The whole story emphasizes the fact that the woman was wrong, not the husbands actions that drove her to that point. Other characters in the story such as Mrs. Hale also symbolize the plight of oppressed women. He resonating with Minnie Wright was such a deep connection inside of the story. Abuse is a common subject that can bond women together against the plight the world brings upon them. The male jury, filled with Minnie’s husband’s friends would’ve been able to grant Minnie the death penalty god it was for the bravery of Mrs. Hale, who hid the evidence from the court.

The Story of an Hour details a similar struggle. The essential character of the tale is a woman identified in reality as Mrs. Mallard. In genuine shape of the typical male ruled society, she is understood most effectively by her husband’s name and seems to have no identity without him. This was common for most wives at this time. It became not long after the enlightenment of her freedom(her husband’s death) to come that she turned into her own ideal person and not as the possession of her husband. No longer limited to the role of Mallard’s wife, and therefore turned into something other than what society labeled her as. This is a high example of society’s interpretation of ladies as property of their husband. Mrs. Mallard is shown as weak and emotional, the typical stereotypes of women throughout records. It was even insinuated that most believed “Mrs. Mallard” wouldn’t do anything with her life after the death of her husband. The announcement depicts that she isn’t always sturdy enough to deal with the news of her husband’s passing and implies that it can very well reason her very own dying while she fades away.

The suffering of women is a theme that a lot of writer expand on. Many books, plays, movies, and poems, are inspired by the dehumanization of women all across the world. This has been an issue for centuries, prominently in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The literary works Trifles and The Story of An Hour greatly symbolize how society viewed women in these times. They were looked at as weak, and as mere accessories of men. The dehumanization of women is an issue in the world and must be stopped at all costs.


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