‘The Story of an Hour’ by Kate Chopin Review

Updated September 10, 2022

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‘The Story of an Hour’ by Kate Chopin Review essay

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The story called “Story of an Hour” aims to show how women in a not too distant time did not have the same egalitarian rights as men. The author Kate Chopin wrote the story in 1894, and this is more certain in the claim that the story was written to confront and show how a young woman felt trapped and unprovoked in a macho society that treated women as children, as if they did not. had control of their own lives, always having a man to give orders and say what to do.

The Story of an Hour is a third person narrative about a married and fragile woman afflicted with a heart trouble called Mrs. Mallard. The story begins with the news of the possible death of Mrs. Mallard husband death once his name Brently Mallard was leading the list of “killed”(Chopin,128) on a railroad disaster.

The news of her husband’s death unleashes in the story a mixture of feelings on the part of the wife Mrs. Mallard who demonstrates with the news a mixture of feelings without knowing for sure what to think about that situation, not knowing if she was relieved, happy for being free of a married where she suffered abuse, because abuse is not only when the man punch his woman or cheat her, abuse is also not letting her do what she likes and wants to do, or with fear of the supposed death of her husband because now she was going to live a whole new life, live something she never lived before, a free life, and also on the time the story was written being a widow meant that the woman would not marry again and would be seen by others like a bad person.

The story is being set in her room, she is alone, and not allowing anyone to follow her, leaving her sisters arms make the readers think that Mrs. Mallard is sad and devasted don’t knowing what to do after receiving that terrible news. The story continues to show how Mrs., Mallard is dealing with the husband death describing her facing an open window that means she is hoping for a way out of this situation, and demonstrating a “physical exhaustion that haunted her body and seemed to reach into her soul”(Chopin 129) the haunted is used to express and emphasize a scary and a supernatural thing that Mrs. Mallard is trying to handle.

Looking through the open window Mrs. Mallard could feel a new spring life, feel a new life was coming on that point in beyond and now without no husband she had to make a new beginning, the patches of blue in the sky watched from the open window demonstrating even though after all sadness she had to find a good thing to move on. Mrs. Mallard looking throughout the window remembering that most of her life she was treated as a child not having power on her own decisions, always repressed even now that she was a grown woman. And with all these reflections about her life and after realizing she was not owning her own life and decisions just like she still was a child she did not know now really what to think about Mr. Mallard death.

After realizing that she was treated and repressed by her husband the same way she was treated and repressed when she was a child a new feeling started to “possess her”(Chopin 129), and this new feeling made her whisper the same word three times “free, free, free”(Chopin 129) that made her feel bad for a first moment, and made her question herself if what she said was right or wrong after feeling a monstrous joy that held her. This “monstrous joy”(Chopin 129) that Mrs. Mallard is feeling explains the idea that the author Chopin uses the story to demonstrate her irritation with a macho society, because when Mrs. Mallard says “free-free-free”(Chopin 129) she is referring to being free of her husband, free of orders, free of obligations that are not hers.

The main point of this story of Chopin is to express how repressed a woman was at that time in 1894, that the woman had no right to freedom of expression, right to information and work (since while her husband was at work, she I was at home, taking care of the house waiting for him) this “thing” that woman cannot work that society has created and imposed, that the woman has to stay at home taking care of the house and the children while the man works and after money home, a completely wrong imposition, once that women have the same conditions of working as men.

Mrs. Mallard felt like she was drinking a “very elixir of life”(Chopin 129) in other words means that she is drinking a little of life, a drink of her new future without a man to indicate everything she should do, she was feeling like the goodness of Victory, she was feeling good that she would not live a life of abuses, a life where she had to do what was said to her to do.

This feeling expressed by Mrs. Millard demonstrates the feeling not only of the author Chopin, but the feeling that the author captures around her and decided to make a story showing how repressed a woman was at that time and that for them if the husband would die serious a reason to celebrate, a motive of joy, in other words, a moment of freedom from an evil that was not letting her grow, not letting her reach bigger flights in her life, and with the death of their husbands they could have a life no regrets.

The twist on the story climax, once Mrs. Mallard was so happy the life of abuses would have ended thinking that her husband was dead, and once he arrived home like nothing had ever happened to him, and nothing had really happened, only fake news about his death, Mrs. Mallard was so disappointed that she died of a heart attack, since she had a heart problem.

The end of this story it can be said that the point that author Chopin was trying to prove was correct. Mrs. Mallard was so happy and relieved that her marriage was over, that what she was going through would not happen again, she would no longer have to do what she was obliged to do, she would not have to be treated as a child again when she saw the husband came home, alive, with health was disappointed, sad and ended up dying of unhappiness. What Chopin was able to say already at that time in 1894 is still happening today. Many women still go through embarrassing situations in their marriages or abusive relationships, are constantly battered, unable to have freedom of expression, not being free to have a life, to create expectations for a future. Many advances have been made to ensure that women have the same rights as men, but there are still women who feel exactly as Mrs. Mallard feels about her life.

‘The Story of an Hour’ by Kate Chopin Review essay

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Is story of an hour a true story?
Mallard, if you had been a friend or a relative of hers, if you understood the way she thinks and watched the way she has been acting throughout her life, then maybe you could find some evidence to help you answer your question. But “The Story of an Hour” is fiction .
What is the message of The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin?
The message of Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour" is about a woman's desire for freedom from marriage and thematically argues that oppression can ultimately be a killer . Chopin's most famous novel is The Awakening.
Why would you recommend The Story of an Hour?
It succinctly captures the stifling feeling that can sometimes accompany being a woman, not to mention demonstrates the frustration of constantly being at odds with one's position in society. This story is an important text that should be further emphasized both within and beyond discussions of feminist criticism.
Would you recommend The Story of an Hour?
This is an excellent short story! I first encountered Kate Chopin's writing in college and really enjoyed it. This and The Awakening are my favorites. I ordered this for my daughter, so she could get a head start on non-high school reading, analyzing and writing.
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