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Transportation is a means to an end and not an end itself, it enhances customer utility from production which cannot be achieved unless finished produce get to the final consumers. Hence, the pertinence of logistics and supply chain is of great importance in achieving Environmental sustainability, higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation.

Business world has changed tremendously which includes globalization, harsh competition, increased customer expectation, technological impact and geopolitical factors, therefore pushing the horizons of the logistics and supply chain industry and demanding highest efficiency and groundbreaking innovations. It is necessary to map the supply chain system, identifying key performance indicators, identifying triggering criteria, manage bottlenecks and implement a consistent root cause analysis methodology in order to develop a responsive system. For this reason, a Ph.D. program in Transportation and Logistics (TL), Logistics and Supply Chain Systems option at your distinguished institution, North Dakota State University, Fargo, United States would not only aid me to achieve my career goals; it would also make me play a crucial part in the fight against the plethora of pollutions that currently plague our major cities. Comment by Adetayo: This is a good beginning, but you would have done better if you tie it around Sustainable Development Goals, and your contribution to the country where the University is located. How would you have contributed to knowledge and transportation.You can have a clue from this: Transportation is a means to an end and not an end itself, it enhances customer utility from production which cannot be achieved unless finished produce get to the final consumers. Hence, the pertinence of logistics and supply chain. Comment by Adetayo: Incomplete sentence Comment by Adetayo: Identifying Comment by Adetayo: Identifying Comment by Adetayo: Use synonymous word

I developed an avid interest in Geography in high school, this led me to graduate as one of the overall best student in Geography. Following the achievement of this feat, I decided to major in Transport Technology. Moreover, during my undergraduate days as a Transport Technology student sparked my interest in Logistics and Supply Chain management and laid the necessary foundation for a career in it. My undergraduate curriculum introduced me to a variety of modules that included Operation Research, Quantitative Techniques in Transport, Research Methods in Transport, Physical Distribution Management. This ensured I learnt the basic concepts and practical knowledge required to understand the mechanisms that govern coordinating of resources to allow for timely delivery. Comment by Adetayo: Mr Wale, you are too raw here. You are meant to bring in Operations Research and Quantitative Techniques to replace Law of carriage and Transport policy. Transport planning, Supply chain, Logistics management, Operations Research, Quantitative techniques, are all you need here.

During my undergraduate days, I did my industrial training with Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (Operations department) at the Ilorin International Airport, Ilorin, Nigeria where I was able to learn Transport management techniques and improve my people skills. This gave me an opportunity to apply the knowledge I gained in school in a real-world setting. Comment by Adetayo: This may be removed. Instead demonstrate your ardent in research. Comment by ADEKUNLE: If the sentence is not bad I will want to leave it just to show that I have real world experience

Due to my level of inquisitiveness in my subject choice and profession, I enrolled for a master’s degree in Transport Management Technology at the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA). My M.Tech thesis was titled “A Comparative Study of Passenger Service Delivery of Selected Airlines in Nigeria”. Nigeria does not have a functioning national carrier and the existing privately owned National carriers are not well patronized because the services they offer cannot match foreign airlines due to economic, socio-demographic, political and other reasons. Therefore, it was necessary to determine the important service quality attributes that influences passengers to these foreign airlines and evaluate the relationship of price with passenger satisfaction on international flights in Nigeria on Lagos to London route. Results from my thesis revealed the most significant services that influences passengers’ to these foreign airlines are: safety and security, appearance of staffs, courteous employees, behavior of staff and good communication skill, problem solving skills, in-flight entertainment facilities, baggage handling efficiency and there is a significant relationship between passenger satisfaction and fares. However, an estimated revenue loss of about $6.1 billion was calculated for Nigeria not having a national carrier in the past ten years. Comment by Adetayo: Replace with “ Due to my level of inquisitiveness in the subject matter and profession”, I enrolled for a master degree in …… Despite this degree, I am less saturated with the level of inspiration……. Comment by ADEKUNLE: Comment by Adetayo: How has your master dissertation contributed to knowledge? The summary under your statement of research problem should fit in here, with main findings. Comment by ADEKUNLE: Thanks, I copied this sentence from my project but pls help check if what I write make sense now. Have deleted part of it and replac2 with new one

Although I had some setbacks in my first year as an undergraduate, my grades continued to improve till I graduated. I had matured as a student by the time I enrolled in graduate school. This was evident when I graduated with a Strong CGPA (4.21/5.00) and finished top 3 of my class. I hope to build on this success at the North Dakota State University. Comment by Adetayo: Explain your strength and weakness, especially in Team work, adaptation in new environment, and others…..

Currently, I work at Zoola Nigeria, (a start-up e-commerce company in Nigeria) where I conduct series of logistics and supply chain activities. On weekends, I volunteer for Divine Academy Abeokuta, a non-profit organization responsible for tutoring high school students that are preparing for the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). I lead a team of three that teaches them Geography. Tutoring the students has allowed me to gain valuable leadership and communication skills. At the last concluded WASSCE, 70% of our students had an A in Geography. Comment by Adetayo: That are preparing Comment by Adetayo: recast

I strongly believe a Ph.D. in TL at North Dakota State University will reinforce the knowledge I have gained in school and prepare me for the rigors of full-time research. Furthermore, it would be a great opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary research and have access to state-of-the-art research facilities at North Dakota State University. From the information I got on the university website, it was clear that Fargo will be a great place to live in due to its many attractions, rich ethnic diversity and convivial ambiance. I have no doubts that studying at Fargo will strike a balance between my academic and social life. Comment by Adetayo: avoid the use of abbreviation Comment by ADEKUNLE: it is intentional so as to avoid repetition and I saw it in other peoples SOP Comment by Adetayo: bold this or italize Comment by ADEKUNLE: done

Due to my research background, I found that Professor Joseph Szmerekovsky research interest is in Supply chain management and technology and Energy supply chain management and he has worked on Emergency relocation of items using single trips: Special cases of the Multiple Knapsack Assignment Problem. Dr. Diomo Motuba has worked on Truck trip generation in small- and medium-sized urban areas and Dr. Alan Dybing has worked on Trip Generation Rates for Large Elevators: A North Dakota Case Study. I intend to pursue a career in research after the completion of my Ph.D. The TL program would have given me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge in advanced topics in Logistics and Supply Chain Management; enhance my research writing skills; hone my ability to design experiments and conduct hypothesis-driven research. It is a given that I would have acquired the requisite skills needed to be adept as a Logistics and Supply Chain Researcher.

I have adept knowledge and usage of Statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) Software while I have beginner’s knowledge of ArcGIS and R-statistics software. Moreover, my desire to be granted Assistantship will help me to concentrate fully on the program as am incapable of paying the tuition fees, I hope the assistantship will help to actualize the vision, dream and potentials of a young African.

In conclusion, I believe I have relevant academic and research experience that will make me succeed in the Transportation and Logistics Ph.D. program. However, I understand that I would have to face challenges during the course of the program but I believe I will overcome them due to the mentorship of the esteemed faculty and my determination to meet my academic and career goals. Comment by Adetayo: You did not mention your contributions to scientific world (world of Science), this will take you far.


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