Shania Twain is a Famous Country Singer

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There are so many singers who began at a young age destined to become a legend. Their whole life revolves around making music. Many of those destined to be legends were never recognized due to their place in society. Yet one woman pushed her way out of that place to become one of the most well known country legends in the history of country music. From the slumps of Canada to the large world of music, because of the way Shania Twain pushed to build her future, she would become the most well known woman of country music.

People don’t realize how lucky they really are until they know what some have gone through because Twain was one of them. She came from being poor through her childhood to a famous country singer in no time. “In my house,” she recalls, “ it was so wrong to take more than your share. If you decided to take an extra potato, someone didn’t get a potato at all.”(Shania, 1999). Twain and her family were very poor throughout her childhood. Shania didn’t like people knowing about the poverty that her and her family went through. She tried to hide it as good as possible at school, but then after awhile, Shania noticed that her family was in better shape than most families were during that time in her life. They didn’t have much food at all and Shania and her family have changed tremedously. Shania is now better than she was and has pursued in her country music career. As the world continues to turn, more people understand that we all should be thankful for what we have because some aren’t this lucky.

Twain’s family was a huge part in her life until something terrible happened and Shania was now in charge of everything. She lost both her parents and was now taking care of her siblings forever. In Shania’s article, it explains that when Shania was 22, both her parents were killed in a car accident. They died instantly. For Twain, her personal feelings of loss were compounded by that of her younger siblings, who were still living at home without parental support. Shania’s parents died instantly when they were hit by a loaded-log truck while working on the job.

Twain and her siblings were heartbroken and lost. Shania had to step in and take charge of the whole family. After becoming the legal guardian of her siblings, Shania did everything she could to get things back to normal. Money was scarce and times were tough for this family. Twain held a few jobs just to provide for the family. Twain put in every second of every minute to make things right and better for all of them. In this article, Shania states that “much of the confusion centers on Twain’s relationship with her stepfather, Jerry Twain.” Shania and her sisters were adopted by Twain. (1999). Twain’s early life before becoming famous wasn’t very good. She went through a lot starting with the death of her parents to adopting her siblings and taking care of them.

Twain had huge goals and she was determined to reach them no matter how hard it would be for her and also her family. From coming way down under to then becoming a big hit in country music was huge for Twain. Shania was two different people throughout her life. She was considered a mom and then a famous popstar. Although, the start of Twain’s career was a rough beginning, she finally realized that all of this happened for a reason because she is now standing at the top of the chain and is known as a famous female country singer.

From the slumps of her poor childhood, Shania was stopped by many obstacles but never quit shooting for what she always wanted to do. She became a legend in just a short period of time. Shania explains, that making music soon became a way of life. By the age of three she could pick out melodies and harmonize with the country music her parents played on the radio at home (Twain, 1999). Twain was always listening and singing along started at a very young age. She was involved in many talent shows and began singing professionally when she was eight.

By the age of ten, Shania was beginning to write songs as well. She then became involved in many concerts and was very devoted to what she was doing. Shania kept her faith through it all. Coming from a poor childhood, Twain came to show how she could overcome the bad things in life and create the good. Shania stated, shortly after marrying, Twain and Lange went into the recoding studio to work on the follow-up album to Shania Twain. It would be called The Woman in Me and it would change both Twain’s life and the fare of country music (Twain, 1999).

Although, Lange was married to Shania, they were also a team in country music. John Derek was hired to make and record some of the first videos for this album of Twain’s music. “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under,” was the first video that was filmed by Derek. He included extra features that Shania normally didn’t have. He included objects that many live and wanted to keep watching the music video. This video became a huge hit. The album has sold 15 million copies. In addition, Shania was involved in many concerts, bands, etc. She believed she could so she did! Twain now stands as a country singer and is proud of what she is known for.

From a rough childhood to becoming a famous country singer, Twain has overcome many obstacles in order to reach her goal. Shania wasn’t always the richest or coolest kid in school. She set out to reach her many goals and did! What Twain did was something most people couldn’t overcome. Shania Twain now stands a humble country music singer/songwriter. No one would have ever thought she would make it this far. Overcoming obstacles in life is a huge part in order to succeed.


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Is Shania Twain a country singer?
Yes, Shania Twain is a country singer. She has released five studio albums, two of which were certified Diamond in the United States.
What song is Shania Twain famous for?
Shania Twain is famous for her song "You're Still the One."
Why is Shania Twain famous?
Shania Twain is a Canadian singer and songwriter. She is famous for her country pop music.
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