The History and Impact of Audio and Media

Updated January 5, 2022
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The History and Impact of Audio and Media essay

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The history of the first practical recorded audio began with Thomas .Edison in 1877 with his practical mechanical phonograph cylinder and his invention made a path for all of our modern recording and sound in media\entertainment. The second man to make innovations in recording audio was Emil Berliner and his gramophone was first developed in 1877 and 1893 and he made very different from Edison’s creation and they it recorded audio was more of a disk rather than a cylinder.

The first “modern” recorded audio was in the early 1900’s. And the way modern media affects us is by letting have entertainment teachings and much more all in the same area with easy access and the choice to do whatever we chose and whenever we decide to do so within our homes, at school or out in public. and during work hours.

Also ever since we recorded sound it’s been evolving, take the 40’s, 50’s and onwards for example, with each decade it gets better and we are at the point where we can make audio sound almost perfect with enough effort. And it also influences our lives by letting us get information, news and much more from the comfort of home or on the go whenever we need it. But we rely too heavily on social media and media sometimes.

And if we didn’t have media it would be difficult in our modern world because we wouldn’t have the ability to talk to people thousands of miles away, on the other side of the globe in seconds. Also it lets students do research and teachers do grades without the hassle of using paper and pen to do every grade, it also lets us see what’s beyond our world and further.

Now let’s get back into the copy right laws, what are they? They are the laws that can protect someone’s creations on the web from people who want to steal them or use them without permission, if you brake these laws you can be fined very little or very much, maybe even upwards of one thousand dollars per violation depending on what it is and who made it. Take for example if you broke the copyright laws with Disney, they could sue you for 20’000 dollars because you took their work and used it without permission.

Another thing I want to talk about is synthesized music, it comes from instruments like the key board etc., they make music when connected to a computer by using midi files which are popular for how they sound and the range of sounds they can make.

The History and Impact of Audio and Media essay

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